The Ainsworth Holy Grail War (エインズワースの聖杯戦争, ?) is a ritual started by the Ainsworth, Matou, and an unnamed family in the parallel world. Like Fate/stay night, each of the family provided a container for the wishing device, a land with magical leylines and Heroic Spirit summoning system.


The elder of the family had spent much time collecting Mystic Codes, magical implements, and vessels from around the world to replace Noble Phantasms or the Holy Grail. The items were simply discarded in a large pile, and they eventually obtained the Holy Grail in the form of Miyu. Differing from Illyasviel von Einzbern being born to function as the Holy Grail as part of the Holy Grail War, Miyu was born as the completed Holy Grail and the Holy Grail War was created for her instead.


This Holy Grail War doesn't use the system of Master and Servants, but it uses a special system where a magus uses either a Mystic Code or their own body as mediums and to be granted with the powers of Heroic Spirits via Class Cards.

Mirror WorldEdit

Prisma illya mirror road

Illya and Miyu opening a Mirror Road, with Rin and Luvia overseeing

A group name for a series of pocket spaces that were created by the Class cards. They contain landscape that mirrors the one in the real world, but with no living things present, and with damage done to it not affecting the real world. Their size was originally a few kilometers in radius, but as more cards were collected, they started shrinking until the last one was the size of single building. Their name comes from the analogy that if you put two mirror opposing each other, they would reflect each other infinite number of times, and each pocket space is but a single of such reflections, a mirror image of the world.

Each Class Card card was believed to be contained in a separate space, although it was shown that two cards could share a single space.

Mirror World could only be accessed by Kaleidosticks with a formed contract by opening a “Mirror Road” via a spell. After its formation a Mirror Road could immediately transfer several humans to and from Mirror World before closing.



First Holy Grail War through Fourth Holy Grail WarEdit

There has been four Holy Grail War and they all ended in failure, notable the Fourth Holy Grail War had the worst outcome. Julian Ainsworth caused Fuyuki to be engulfed by darkness, causing Zachary Ainsworth, the previous Ainsworth head and the other two families completely destroyed. Sakatsuki family was all wiped out besides from Miyu Sakatsuki.

Fifth Holy Grail WarEdit

Sixth Holy Grail WarEdit


The events of the Ainsworth Holy Grail War are detailed in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA. All Class Cards from the Fifth Holy Grail War remained until the Sixth Holy Grail War. The Assassin Class Card's Hassan-i-Sabbah changed between the two wars.

[v]War Servant Card Identity Card User
5thArcher Gilgamesh Angelica Ainsworth (Doll)
5thArcher (Second) EMIYA Shirou Emiya
5thSaber King Arthur Zachary Ainsworth (Doll)
5thLancer Cú Chulainn Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald (Doll)
5thRider Medusa Kariya Matou (Doll)
5thCaster Medea Atrum Galliasta (Doll)
5thAssassin Hassan-i-Sabbah Shinji Matou (Doll)
5thAssassin Hassan of the Hundred Faces Illyasviel von Einzbern
5thAssassin Hassan of Serenity Miyu Edelfelt
5thBerserker Heracles Beatrice Flowerchild (Doll)
UnknownAssassin Unknown Unknown
UnknownBerserker Thor Beatrice Flowerchild
UnknownBerserker Lancelot Sakura Matou (Doll)
UnknownApneic Beauty Class Card Unknown Unknown
UnknownAuthoritarian Personalism Class Card Unknown Unknown
UnknownUnnamed Dagger Class Card Unknown Unknown
NoneNameless Class Cards None Ainsworth Family