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Nasuverse character
Alice Kuonji


Alice winter

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Japanese name: 久遠寺 有珠
Franchise: Mahou Tsukai no Yoru
Appears in: Character Material
Mahou Tsukai no Yoru
Character type: Human, Magus
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 30
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Circuit Quality: A+
Circuit Quantity: A++
Circuit Composition: Normal

Alice Kuonji (久遠寺 有珠, Kuonji Arisu?) is one of the main characters of Mahou Tsukai no Yoru.



Alice's family is not of a magus lineage, and only became one through the blood of magi running in Alice's mother. The elder son of the Kuonji tycoons met and fell in love with a witch while studying abroad. He loved her, and while she accepted that love with some confusion, she was also afraid at the same time. No matter how blessed their wedding may be, the daughter to be born will be a witch. Just as she herself was one, the child of a witch will bear the destiny of inheriting the blood and history of their line without any exceptions.

It is said that a witch must not fall in love with the male that becomes the father of her child because the more they love each other, the sadder the conclusion. While still knowing and accepting this, the Kuonji boy married her and returned to Japan to build a happy family. After Alice was born, her mother died, as if she had fulfilled her duty. Her father, while suffering from the criticism of those around him, deeply loved his daughter and several years later, passed away. All alone, Alice only kept the mansion her parents lived in and chose to live the same path as her mother did. She has been acquainted with the Aozaki family since her mother became a naturalized citizen of Japan. She has been associated with Touko for no less than ten years, and she has only been living together with Aoko for just one year.



While she appears to be a "modern magus" like Aoko at a glance, she is actually the opposite. She is fixated on the one memento of her family, she sees the way of living of a magus as absolute, and everyday life is only being continued because witches "hide their identities to practice sorcery". Solitary, restrained, and stubbornly protective of her pride, she is a girl left behind by time. She is not rich in emotion, but she is surprisingly psychologically unstable and self-abusive. She will fulfill her role as a magus dwelling in town by repelling any external threats together with Aoko, but she normally locks herself up in the Kuonji vacation home, a memento of her father, and rarely goes outside.

She fundamentally doesn't like others, and doesn't maintain contact with anyone besides Aoko. She developed a friendship with Aoko due to her duty rather than personal initiative, but before they knew it, Aoko became Alice's one friend. She is both a teacher and partner to Aoko, and Alice views her in the same manner as well. While Aoko is a friend, Touko is somebody able to understand her. Despite being friendly with both, she doesn't appear willing to stop them from killing each other. She has confusing feelings towards Soujuurou Shizuki.


Mahou Tsukai no YoruEdit

Mahou Tsukai no Yoru is the story of a princess that locked herself in a castle. It is a tale of three people living together. She has completely ignored the third person that tumbled into her mansion, Soujuurou, and attempted to get him to leave as soon as possible. While Aoko and Soujuurou attend an average high school, Alice goes to a wealthy all-girls school.


Alice is a magus in hiding in the present that can be called a witch and lady of eternity. She was bound to be a witch before she was born, so she is already a perfected magus by the age of sixteen. While Aoko ages over time, Alice cannot. She is enlightened both in human matters and in capability, and hence the strongest of the characters appearing, but this also makes her the frailest of them. She is a mage who uses spells from story books, while turning wonderlands into reality, she is an existence that gradually disappears as the world modernizes.


  • Cock Robin
  • Diddle Diddle
  • Tweedle Dee & Dum
  • Scratch Dumpty (スクラッチ・ダンプティ, Sukuracchi Danputi?)
  • Thames Troll

She is a wonderland type of witch specializing in the type of witchcraft and medicines found in fairy tales. She uses various familiars kneaded from fantasy, Ploys (プロイ, Puroi?). Ploys are not from the Age of Gods, so they cannot be assigned a number/rank in Regression to the Age of Gods.[1] While she boasts that "My Ploys number 108" with her usual vanity, she only has thirty in reality. She has inherited about twenty Familiars from her ancestors, and created about ten herself.[2] They're impossible from their premise, so they don't reconcile well with normal physical laws following the very natural reason of fantasy and reality not being able to coexist. While magi living in the present are no match on their own for modern weapons because the evolution of weaponry has gone ahead of them due to the various wars, her familiars are monsters that disregard however technology advances. Modern weapons have terrible chemistry with them, so things like automatic pistols won't affect them, likely because they don't understand them, and even rockets won't be able to damage them.

They are unable to communicate with each other, and there's no sharing of order. Whatever doesn't exist in their world of fairy tales and what they don't understand will evaporate without touching them. It is like they're in a conceptual space or conceptual universe, so only magic energy with the same Mystery will work on them. Beyond that protection, they also have a special rule of "tradition protection" that renders simply strong power, strong magic, having little effect. They are unable to be defeated unless their weak point in the fairy tale they were based on is attacked.

Flat SnarkEdit

  • Flat Snark
  • Vial containing Flat Snark
  • A group of dinner utensils brought to life by Flat Snark

One of her most powerful Ploys is the Flat Snark: Moon's Fat (月の油フラットスナーク, Tsuki no AburaFuratto Sunāku?), a powerful being called a Crown Phantasm: Supreme Illusion (至高の幻想クラウン・ファンタズム, Shikō no GensōKuraun Fantazumu?) created from the abdominal fat of a nomadic god. It is a secret art that can be called a treasure of the magic world that would be a priceless super-rare good if put on sale at the Association in London. It is capable of bringing objects from fantasy and fairy-tale to life. After Aoko destroys it without a trace, it will never appear again.[3]

Six Singing ChocolatesEdit


Six Singing Chocolates

The Song of the 6 Pences, Jack in the Box: Six Singing Chocolates (シックス・スィング・チョコレイト6ペンスの歌、ジャック・イン・ザ・ボックス, Shikkusu Swingu Chokoreito6 Pensu no Uta, Jakku in za Bokkusu?) is a storage box that stores twenty-four feathered familiars in the form of chocolates, made using chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, and love. They form a network of birds that monitor Misaki, searching out people about to commit acts of infidelity. The chocolates are infused with magical energy, so they can be melted into wounds as a form of first aid.

Despite being Ploy Kickshaw, they are only at the level of normal familiars, and they have no combat ability. Even a gun is enough to destroy them, and around ten fly into telephone poles and fall to their deaths daily. Should the box be shut, all currently operating birds will immediately turn back into chocolates.[4]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Alice early illstrations

Early illustrations of Alice in the unpublished version of the novel

Takashi Takeuchi was the character designer for Alice. Kinoko Nasu says fairy tale magic types doesn't fit in well in the TYPE-MOON lore. Nasu wasn't content with that, so he left an exception with Alice. So as a character she has a special place outside TYPE-MOON's rule of magecraft from the very beginning.[5]



  1. Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - The Flat Snark will never appear again. That super-rare good that would be priceless if you put it on sale at the Association in London, that secret art which is said to be a treasure of the magic world, Aoko destroyed it without a trace.
  2. 4Gamer Interview with Mahoutsukai no Yoru Staff

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