The unnamed Alien God (異星の神, Isei no Kami?, lit. "God of Another Planet") is the being behind the events of Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt. It is unknown if it is related to the unnamed being called Satan by Ashiya Dōman, or if they are in fact the same being.



The Crypters are implied to be affiliated, or at least aware, of the Alien God.[1]It described itself as a being  from a different star that had descended on the star or solar system that the World was in. 


Based on its voice, it seems indifferent and fine with either choice that the Crypters chose whether it was ildeness/death or glory/ressurection. 


The Alien God gave the Crypters a proposal/suggestion for death or glory. 


The Alien God was the entity who revived the Crypters and he granted them Territories (the Lostbelts) and Heroic Spirits (Servants). It is an insanely powerful entity. It completely destroyed the governments of the World in about two days.

Quotes Edit

-----A change in the situation has been confirmed  - To Kadoc Zemlupus 

A proposal for you chosen ones, a suggestion for you abandoned ones.  - To Kadoc Zemlupus  

If you desire glory, then choose the ressurection. If you desire idleness, then choose the eternal sleep. - To Kadoc Zemlupus 

God is fine with either one. - To Kadoc Zemlupus    

I am the being from a different star that will descend upon this star. - To Kadoc Zemlupus 

The tree of fantasy will initialize this planet. It'll build up a new myth.   - To Kadoc Zemlupus 

Crush down the Greater History of Man, and construct God with your own hands. Build up the allows to receive me-----The Lostbelt.  - To Kadoc Zemlupus 


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