Nasuverse character
Alphard Alshua
Japanese name: アルファルド
Franchise: Canaan
Appears in: Canaan
Voice actor: Sakamoto Maaya
Lesley Pedersen(anime series dub)
Character type: Human
Gender: Female

Alphard Alshua (アルファルド, Arufarudo?) is Canaan's most prominent villain. She is an attractive young woman who is both the leader of a terrorist organization called Hebi and Canaan's arch-enemy. Once Siam's apprentice and known as Canaan (カナン, ?), she has since thrown away the identity, adopted her current name, and eventually had Siam killed. She appears easily capable of taking down Canaan even though the latter uses her synesthesia, reasoning that she is no longer manipulated by feelings unlike Canaan. She carries a FN Five-seveN USG as a sidearm. On her upper left arm, a strange tattoo is worn, and it possibly is a half of a whole picture of a tattoo if combined with the tattoo on Canaan's arm. However, she amputated this arm during the last battle between her and Canaan, later coming to be known as "the one-armed woman".