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“Secret technique, ready!”
“The honorable scoundrel of darkness is on the scene."
""Ambush from Ten Sides — As If There Was No Shadow."


Ambushed from Ten Sides - As If There Was No Shadow (十面埋伏じゅうめんまいふく無影の如くむえいのごとく, Jūmenmaifuku Mu Kage Nogotoku?), also known as Shi Mian Mai Fu - Wu Ying Zuo Wei in Chinese, is the Noble Phantasm of Yan Qing. They are strikes from duplicates generated by the unique footwork of the Yan Qing Style. While this feat does not reach the realm of Sorcery, to the observer, it is a series of visually imperceptible attacks. The user of this technique is said to not even cast shadows on the ground.[1]


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