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Nasuverse character
Ami Kuzuki
Japanese name: 葛木亜魅
Franchise: Tsukihime
Appears in: Hana no Miyako
Character type: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 152 cm

Ami Kuzuki (葛木亜魅, Kuzuki Ami?) is a major character in Hana no Miyako. She is a rival and schoolmate of Miyako Arima, with whom she seems to be infatuated.



Ami is the daughter of Souichirou Kuzuki and an unnamed and unseen Greek woman presumed to be Medea, or rather, their equivalents in the Hana no Miyako universe. Aside of her unusual parentage, Ami's life has apparently been fairly normal. She grew up in Misaki Town.


Ami looks much like a stereotypical goth, albeit with some punk influence. She wears her school uniform in a raggedy fashion, alongside multiple ear studs, calf boots, dark eyeshadow, and an eyepatch (which is just for show, as she still has both of her eyes). At home, she appears to prefer either a white slip or a black mini-dress, and eschews her eyepatch and the other miscellany she wears at school.

Ami's physical features greatly resemble those of someone suffering from albinism, with her pale skin, white hair, ad grey eyes (instead of the inaccurate red eyes often ascribed to albino humans in fiction). Given also her apparent aversion to sunlight, another common trait of albino humans, she may in fact actually have albinism rather than merely looking like it.

One piece of concept art also depicts her as having feathery wings.

Her ears appear to be slightly pointed.


Ami acts the part of a rowdy, anti-social girl. According to her father, this is to deter people who might otherwise harass her because of her delicate appearance, but given her actions and the stated fact that she keeps her parents in the dark about her habit of getting into fights, it seems more likely that this is simply how she is.

Ami is violent and hotheaded, often getting into fights purely for her own enjoyment. She relishes any opportunity to fight someone, especially those who can put up a challenge. Anyone who shows overwhelming strength immediately earns her respect and, in the case of Miyako, her affections.

Aside of fighting, however, Ami has little energy to spare for anything she doesn't have to do, often spending large amounts of time wasting the hours away doing nothing but eating junk food and reading comedy manga or sleeping.

Her aesthetic tastes lean towards the grim and edgy.

At home, she instead acts demure and kind.


Hana no MiyakoEdit



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