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“"An Gal Tā Kigal Shē"!”


An Gal Tā Kigal Shē: Mountain Range-Shaking Firewood of Venus (山脈震撼す明星の薪アンガルタ・キガルシュ, ?) is the Noble Phantasm of Ishtar. The most “devastating” and “brutal” deed that Ishtar carried out in Sumerian mythology. The anecdote of trampling down and annihilating the Sacred Mountain Ebih (which even the king of gods feared and respected) “just because I didn’t like it”, turned into a Noble Phantasm. According to Mesopotamian mythology, Ishtar forced her way into Mt. Ebih, increasing her divine might with each step, and in the end grabbed a hold of the mountain range’s summit and thrusted a spear on the central part of its leyline, causing the Ebih mountain range to collapse.[1]

Based on such anecdote, she pulls off a deed that even God fears: upon employing the Noble Phantasm, she warps to Venus and takes possession of its concept by means of management rights, loading it and firing it from Maanna’s magazine as a conceptual planet. Also called Shber Hamlin Breaker (ジュベル・ハムリン・ブレイカー, ?).[1]


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