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Nasuverse character
Touko Aozaki
Touko extra
Japanese name: 蒼崎橙子
Franchise: Kara no Kyoukai
Appears in: Fate/Extra
Character type: Human, Magus
Gender: Female

Touko Aozaki is a Magus in Fate/Extra. Differing from her counterpart in Kara no Kyoukai, she has entered the Moon Cell with her sister Aoko. Her design is the same as the original version of her featured in the Kara no Kyoukai novels before her appearance was changed to its current design.



Touko and Aoko have been within the Moon Cell for a long period of time. Touko is able to recall previous times where Aoko's Alterations have gotten her in trouble with the system of the Moon Cell.


Touko and Aoko hate each other greatly, and they do not act like sisters at all. There is a sudden wave of hatred that completely halts Hakuno when they plan on asking if the two are actually sisters. Touko calls Aoko a "thing" and a "monkey" lower than dirt, and Aoko calls her a "useless creature" like 8-track tapes or the C:\ prompt.

Touko constantly berates Aoko, and chides her not to get caught by the system again. Aoko hates having to deal with her abuse daily, and Hakuno is amazed that Aoko didn't immediately start throttling Touko after some of her snide and offensive comments. Touko claims that her comments are simply statements of fact, and that the only thing Aoko can do is shut up and accept her place beneath Touko.



Touko and Aoko are inside the chapel of Tsukumihara Academy, which exists as an area cut off from the system of SE.RA.PH and the rest of the world. They call it Eden of the East, where they allow the Hakuno Kishinami and other Masters to increase the strength of their Servants through hacking.

Touko seems to recognize Hakuno, but cannot recall the details. She mentions that she cannot remember the last time she forgot something. Touko's self proclaimed job is to watch over Aoko. She claims to be too busy attending to other work and stuff given to her by Kokutou to help with Alterations. She claims that the reason she is there is to simply keep an eye on her lowly sister to keep her from accidentally killing someone, though she also mentions that she originally entered the Moon Cell in order to find "a friend of a friend".

After the first round is completed, Touko mentions that it is good that Hakuno is used to Alterations, and tells them to strengthen their Servant as soon as possible. Touko apparently doesn't speak with "lowly" Master's often, and Aoko calls that the oddest action in a world of oddities. She blames it on the lack of coffee and tobacco, as she only has "e-cigs" to calm herself. Being forced to spend her days with a "mouth-breathing imbecile" doesn't help her mood either. She wishes to leave as soon as possible, claiming only someone insane could enjoy being trapped there.

When Hakuno faced Alice in the third week, she helped Hakuno identifying Alice's servant class.


While Aoko performs Alteration of the Soul for Masters and Servants, she is not truly suited for it. While all things Servant-related would seem to be the preserve of Touko, she does not help Masters or Servants with her abilities. Even though she claims to be better than Aoko at Alterations by a factor of ten, she is too busy to do them, but displays interest in watching the various test subjects. She suggests not putting any faith in Aoko's abilities, and suggests simply recovering spiritual statuses the Servant has lost.

Touko has created an alternate puppet version of herself to stay in the Moon Cell, and she can apparently "ditch it" whenever she wishes after her business there is finished. Normally a magus is trapped inside SE.RA.PH until the obtain the Holy Grail, and only one can normally survive. She is not a Master, so she is trapped there unless she takes drastic measures. The difference between her and her copies are miniscule, and her body is one that will self-destruct once she is ready to leave. Hakuno notes her resolve is beyond their ability to comprehend.


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