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Noble Phantasm
Apneic Beauty
Japanese name: アプネイック・ビューティ
Title: 301 Second Ice Shrine of Eternity
Japanese title: 三〇一秒の永久氷宮
Transliteration: Sanmaruichi-byō no Eikyū Kōri-miya
Owner: Julian Ainsworth
Type: Barrier

Apneic Beauty: 301 Second Ice Shrine of Eternity (三〇一秒の永久氷宮アプネイック・ビューティ, Sanmaruichi-byō no Eikyū HyōgūApuneikku Byūti?) is a high-ranked Barrier Noble Phantasm utilized by Julian Ainsworth through an unknown Class Card. Letting the card sink into the ground, it generates an ice palace, a large dome of ice, that completely seals the area. It is strong enough to withstand punches from Bazett and a direct hit from Caladbolg II without chipping. It should be able to withstand any outside force, but Tanaka's unknown power is able to open a hole in it. The user is able to modify it, allowing for the addition of properties such as soundproof. The price for sealing off the area is that the oxygen within is gradually lost over 301 seconds starting from the invocation, and strenuous action affects those inside to the point of collapsing. The user is not immune, so Julian must cancel it before the oxygen concentration is reduced to zero. Its existence is a mystery, and it is unknown even to Gilgamesh, his treasury containing all of humanity's legends, despite its strength.


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