Archer of Shinjuku (新宿のアーチャー, Shinjuku no Āchā?) is an Archer-class Servant able to be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Epic of Remnants of Fate/Grand Order.



Archer's True Name is James Moriarty (ジェームズ・モリアーティ, Jēmuzu Moriāti?). In the Sherlock Holmes Series, this mathematics professor is famous as Holmes' greatest and strongest rival. Despite appearing in only three works - furthermore, most of the time, he is merely mentioned by Holmes - the charisma of this evil genius nevertheless obtained tremendous endorsing thanks to the secret maneuvering during Holmes’ final case (although he would later be revived...). A genius, philosopher, thinker, and an extremely outstanding intellect. Holmes once said that he was the "Napoleon of the Criminal World“ - despite being a simple mathematics professor, his organization web supposedly spread all over Europe. According to the setting revealed within the story, he engaged in a job that was like a criminal consultant so to speak - or something.[1]

A fusion-type Servant that absorbed the abilities of the Phantom The Freeshooter (魔弾の射手, Madan'no Shashu?, Magic Bullet Shooter). In the opera “Der Freischütz”, a huntsman obtains magic bullets that always bring down the targeted prey by selling his soul to a demon. However, the story goes that the seventh shot alone was fired towards someone the demon wanted - in other words, someone who would bring despair to the contractor.[1]

“Now, I am quite ordinary, you see.
Simply a little, a very little bit crooked!
With my magic bullet, I shall help you out. Still, there is a limit for the magic bullets, so please beware!”

—Archer of Shinjuku



“Please call me Mr. Dandy! (no way)”
—Archer of Shinjuku


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Shinjuku Phantom Spirit Incident: Malignant Quarantined Demonic RealmEdit

Dead Heat Summer Race! ~Ishtar Cup of Hopes and Dreams~Edit

Death Jail Summer Escape ~Medb's Great Bastille of Guilt and Despair~Edit


His Noble Phantasm is called The Dynamics of an Asteroid.


Raita Honjou is the character designer for James Moriarty.[1]


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