Archer (Fate/strange fake)

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Nasuverse character
Japanese name: アーチャー
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/strange fake
Character type: Servant (Master: Tine Chelc)

Archer (アーチャー, ?) is the Archer-class Servant of Tine Chelc in the False Holy Grail War of Fate/strange fake.



Main article: History

Archer is Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes who ruled Uruk and befriended Enkidu. During life, he had a key to the gates of his vault crafted, but he did not utilize it. It was ornate in nature, decorated in valuable jewels, both monetarily and magically, and it was around the length and weight of a small survival knife. Viewing it as a trifle because there were none who would lay a hand upon his treasures, he threw it away. It eventually found its way into the hands of his summoner's ancestor, and while the key was filled with magical energy, he never found the vault. It stayed within his family until Archer's summoner used it to summon him instead of the first skin shed by a snake.


Archer is summoned by a magus wishing to restore his family's honor, but he is killed by another magus, Tine Chelc, moments after the summoning is complete and becomes her Servant. After she introduced herself, Tine then took Archer to meet the many people who wish to serve their king. Archer declared to Tine that he was initially not interested in participating the War, and he would leisurely wait until a worthy opponent shows up, where he then took out the Potion of youth with the intentions of drinking it. However, as Archer learns that his best friend, Enkidu, was also summoned did he change his mind. After declaring to Tine that she should rejoice in how she will witness her king fight with all his might, he then gives Tine the Potion of youth where he declares he will no longer need it.


Gilgamesh has access to the Gate of Babylon and Ea. Orlando Reeve is most worried about his strength, and he plans on using his force to somehow overpower him before he can retaliate. While he is definitely the strongest Servant within the Holy Grail War, it is noted that the Player's ability to summon five Servants at once with all of his Command Spells may be too much for even the King of Heroes.


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