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Ars Almadel Salomonis: He Who Hath At Birth Mastered All (誕生の時きたれり、其は全てを修めるものアルス・アルマデル・サロモニス, Tanjō no Toki Kitareri, Sore wa Subete wo Osameru monoArusu Arumaderu Saromonisu?) is the third Noble Phantasm of Solomon, the "I" of the Original Sin. Although it appears at first glance to be a ring of light that encircles the Earth, it is actually an aggregation of around one hundred million lines of light. Each line of light is said to carry "extreme damage values" that are comparable to an A-rank Noble Phantasm like Excalibur. It is said that it is "unfortunate" that nothing on the surface of the planet surpasses the heat of this Noble Phantasm.[1]


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