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“Then I shall show you. The end of your journey. The demise of human history that will redo this planet. The moment my great undertaking is completed! Third Noble Phantasm, deploy. The Time of Birth has Come, He is the One who Masters All. Now, burn up like trash!"
"Ars Almadel Salomonis!”

Beast I

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“My feat! My ideal! Know the true purpose of my birth! This planet will be reborn! All life will become the past! Sing your praises. My name is Goetia! Human Order Incineration Ritual, King of Demon Gods, Goetia!”

Beast I

Ars Almadel Salomonis: The Time of Birth has Come, He is the One who Masters All (誕生の時きたれり、其は全てを修めるものアルス・アルマデル・サロモニス, Tanjō no Toki Kitareri, So wa Subete wo Osameru monoArusu Arumaderu Saromonisu?) is the third Noble Phantasm of Solomon, planned to be used by Goetia to time travel to the genesis of the Earth. It is the "|" of the original sin.[1][2] It appears at first glance to be a ring of light that encircles the Earth.[2] A belt of light that announces mankind’s demise. As something that converted the entire human history into heat values, a time travel of vast amounts of years is made possible by collecting, accelerating and converging some hundred millions of this belt of light.[1] Each line of light is said to carry "extreme damage values" that are comparable to an A-rank Noble Phantasm like Excalibur. Nothing on the surface of the planet surpasses the heat value of this Noble Phantasm.[2] When Goetia charges it and focuses its energy into an attack, the beam is described as "a torrent of heat sufficient to penetrate through the planet." Even when Mash Kyrielite successfully blocks it using the spiritual protection of Lord Camelot, the sheer amount of heat is enough to completely evaporate her body through the shield.

Ars Almadel Salomonis floats in the sky above each Singularity, and is estimated to be around the size of North America. Its immerse energy is gathered through the incineration of all humans of an era, accomplished through the Singularities. Although the burning of the Earth can only provide so much energy, the burning of intelligent life forms such as humans and their civilization produces an enormous amount of energy, which is used to fuel this Noble Phantasm. By incinerating all humans of every era over 3,000 years, Goetia is able to gather magical energy that surpasses that of the genesis of Earth. By gathering, accelerating and converging the heat, it allows time reversal of great scale.

By using this Noble Phantasm as part of his Retrogression Canal - Genesis Light-Year plan, Goetia planned to return to the time of Earth's formation and recreate the Earth so that the concept of "death" does not exist. Such a feat is close to True Magic, with the Noble Phantasm being similar to Aoko Aozaki's Fifth Magic[3]


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