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Nasuverse character
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Japanese name: アサシン
Character type: Servant (Master: None)

Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?) is one of the seven normal Servant classes summoned for the Holy Grail War; Servants of this class are skilled at operating covertly, stealthy, and silently. This class is one of the weaker classes at fighting; as its members possess low attributes due to not having glorious legends as heroes; so it instead specializes in killing Masters rather than Servants. It is an oddity compared to the more formal knight classes who believe in fair duels and chivalry in combat; they will attack using the most unfair and favorable conditions; and with these conditions, it is possible for an Assassin to match and defeat other Servants. Deprived of a Master, Servants of the Assassin class generally possess the ability to remain with the world for about forty hours,[1] which is roughly equivalent to a proficiency of B- in Independent Action.

The Assassins' special class ability is ‘‘Presence Concealment”; which allows them to remain undetected when spying or preparing to ambush their targets. The use of this ability during battle is the lifeline of Assassin; the greatest skill of each legally summoned Assassin is expressed as their Noble Phantasm; which all share the name Zabaniya—the name of the 19 angels that guard Hell and torment its inhabitants under Archangel Maalik, according to Islamic faith.

The system of the Fuyuki Grail War required originally that the Servants of the Assassin class must be one of the nineteen individuals known as Hassan i Sabbah -- the pseudonym shared by the leaders of the Hashshashin, a medieval Islamic sect. The name of the sect is the etymological root of the word "assassin;" and the class name itself thus acts as the catalyst to summon the members of the organization.[2] The requirement noted above was based in the rationale that those who might truly be described as perfect assassins would normally remain anonymous; and consequently fail to become Heroic Spirits. The wraiths (亡霊, bourei?, dead spirits), the leaders of the Hashshashin -- Heroic Spirit Candidates (英霊候補, Eirei Kouho?) that might have been properly inducted to the Throne of Heroes if not for the loss of their original names[3]—are thus regarded as qualifying in substitute of truly anonymous killers. With the corruption of the Grail during the third War; the absoluteness of this rule was compromised along with the disallowance of evil Heroic Spirits. Due to being selected from a group of Wraiths; their abilities are low.[4]

The Assassin in Fate/stay night , summoned by Caster, is an exception. He is an aberration in the system, as another Servant summoned him. While he has Presence Concealment, it is his own ability rather than a Class Skill, and he appears listed as "Assassin?" in the Fate/complete material III Servant section. Heracles has qualifications for all classes besides Caster, so it is unknown how he would fit into the role of Assassin. The Moon Cell Holy Grail War of Fate/Extra does not mention any such rule ever having been in place, and Kairi Sisigou in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha mentions that it had previously been in place during the Fuyuki system.

Known AssassinsEdit

Heroic Spirit War Master
Hassan-i-SabbahFirst Holy Grail WarUnknown
Hassan-i-SabbahSecond Holy Grail WarUnknown
Hassan-i-Sabbah (Midget)Third Holy Grail WarPuppet user
The Hundred-Faced HassanFourth Holy Grail WarKirei Kotomine
Sasaki KojiroFifth Holy Grail WarCaster
Hassan-i-Sabbah*Fifth Holy Grail War - Heaven's FeelZouken Matou
Li Shuwen*Moon Cell Holy Grail WarJulius B. Harwey
Jack the RipperGreat Holy Grail WarReika Rikudou
SemiramisGreat Holy Grail WarShirou Kotomine
Hassan of SerenityFirst Holy Grail War (Prototype)Unknown
Sasaki KojiroSecond Holy Grail War (Prototype)Caster
No Name AssassinFalse Holy Grail War Jester Karture
The Hundred-Faced HassanAinsworth Holy Grail War First setN/A
Lu Bu*N/AN/A


  1. Jonnobi - マスターを失っても40時間ほどは現世にとどまれる。
  2. Jonnobi - アサシンというクラスそのものがアサシン召還の触媒となる。
  3. Jonnobi - ハサン・サッバーハ(亡霊・英霊候補): 冬木の聖杯戦争において必ずアサシンのクラスをまとって召還される亡霊(英霊候補)の郡体。 正体はアサシンの語源となった暗殺教団(イスラム教イスマイル派)の歴代頭首たち。英霊でないのは決して名を残さなかったため。

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