Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?) is a Assassin-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Assassin's True Name is Cleopatra (クレオパトラ, Kureopatora?). Cleopatra VII, the last Queen of the Ptolemaic dynasty, the tragic beauty who was essentially the last Pharaoh of Egypt. Many works depict Cleopatra as a flirtatious beauty swamped in love affairs who used her country as personal property; the truth was she was anything but. Endowed with knowledge, Cleopatra was a genius in dealing with economic matters. Under her reign, Ptolemaic Egypt rose from a ruined military into an economic powerhouse.[1]

She bore Gaius Julius Caesar a son, whose name is Caesarion.[2] Strictly speaking, “The Last Pharaoh” was Cleopatra’s son Ceasarion, who ruled alongside his mother during her last years. Ceasarion lived for a few days after his mother’s death, perishing at the tender age of 9. The true ruler of Egypt who struggled against fate was Cleopatra, and thus deserved the title of ‘The Last Pharaoh’. During public appearances, she had the arrogant and loud poise fitting of royalty, but when alone, was an unexpectedly quiet, calm, and scheming lady.[1]

In her lifetime, Cleopatra was close to two men only. The first was Julius Caesar. She was head-over-heels for him. Her adoration for him seemed to make the Mediterranean wind sparkle with her joy… However, without warning, Caesar was assassinated during his campaign to unite the Mediterranean peninsula. Cleopatra was left with their son, Caesarion. Then, through her grief for Caesar, there was Mark Anthony, proclaiming his utmost protection for the Ptolemaic empire and Cleopatra herself. Loving her kingdom and its people, as well as two men from the Roman empire — Caesar and Mark Anthony, Cleopatra committed suicide.[1]

Cleopatra’s death was a consequence of her affection and longing for the two men that she loved. During Cleopatra's time, rumors of her actions leading up to her suicide labelled her as the ‘woman who enraptured the Roman forces’. Therefore, as a Heroic Spirit, she exists as a ‘magical and bewitching beauty’. However, out of self-respect, Cleopatra prefers accomplished men only, ones who possess undying loyalty just like the ones she loved. These men will definitely be trapped in her web of love.[1]


In Fate/Grand Order, she appears in modern garments such as her leather trousers and jacket, but this is the embodiment of her maiden power in “displaying her true self in a generally simple way.” When the time comes where she trusts her Master and has deepened their bonds, she will probably display “her appearance in accordance with historical fact” for the first time.


Even though her behaviour was queenly, she still understood the rules of etiquette, was perceptive and kept the peace as a noble ruler. When foreign envoys visited, she would seemingly scold them, but in reality cared about their well-being[1]:

“In my kingdom, I am the absolute law. I don’t discriminate between statuses. If you’re an ugly bloke, you’re no different from a slave. Hmph! I hope all of you unsightly, low peasants are conscious of your appearance. Now, relax and enjoy your stay here!”


Maybe it was because Cleopatra always used extravagant means to comfort foreign envoys that they came to Egypt in a never-ending stream. ‘Takabisha1 do-S’ would sum up her personality well: Though having a sadist streak, she did not obtain pleasure from torturing others. Nor did she yell at people to make herself feel better. It was just part of her character.[1]

The wish she wants to make on the Holy Grail is to “acknowledge Caesar and their son Caesarion.” Towards the world far and wide, she wants to vigorously announce that her child Caesarion is a child spun from the result of the love between the couple.

Domineering, Extremely S, Kind, her words, deeds and actions are all together unprecedented for a queen. Dashingly, a top lady who lives on coolness. With her utmost nice nature, there are also traits from her that are seen as foolish because of her speeches and conducts further exaggerating it. Recognizing nothing but heavenly beauty. With the exception of that, everything else is to be ruthlessly used. Nevertheless, she does things such as receptions, looking after others, and advising others on their health and their anxieties for the future. She loves receptions. She holds self-confidence in her beauty, and declares loudly that almost all things are “beneath me”, but she is also a hard worker who devotes her present self to her studies day after day, just under the point of it being tiresome. Although she usually abuses others, it is not “to act as a fool to others.” It is obvious she is beautiful. It is obvious that except for herself, the others are not beautiful. That being the case, the person herself simply talks about what seems to be obvious to be an obvious reality, and in her words, she does not contain “unpleasant feelings to the others.”

In a public place, she behaves arrogantly as a queen, but when it is the individual Cleopatra, that unprecedented style becomes reserved, well-bred and often prudent, and she becomes a cool high-class lady. To say it in a few words, her attributes are domineering, extremely S, and kind. She is kind, despite having sadistic tastes. And although she has sadistic tastes and is extremely sadistic, one cannot conclude that she gets a pleasant feeling in tormenting another person. She does not disparage others for the sake of making herself feel good, but her disposition is merely like that.

Her true character is one who discerns decorum, pays attention to the surroundings, and keeps the peace. Even when the delegates of foreign countries arrived, she abuses them first before showing consideration for their health; in her country, she is the absolute standard, and those unattractive are no different from those who are slaves. “Hah, you ugly men who are third-rate and inferior, prepare yourself! Do make yourself at home to your heart’s content here!” Usually then she does things such as thanking the delegates with the highest quality of hospitality, etc.

She has a bad habit of catching every hardship given that she takes into consideration of performing anything perfectly, her perfectionist temperament being a misfortune. “… Troublesome…” She speaks to herself.

Motivation/Attitude towards the MasterEdit

She comes into contact with a condescending attitude in a straightforward manner. However, her “attentive attribute” that is the basis of her is fully displayed, paying attention and appearing to spend time with her Master so that he or she is healthy.

The wish she wants to make on the Holy Grail is to “acknowledge Caesar and their son Caesarion.” Towards the world far and wide, she wants to vigorously announce that her child Caesarion is a child spun from the result of the love between the couple.


"Unlike me, you chose to be hostile to Rome. That is also a splendid choice. So, I wonder if we can get along with each other? Well, since we’re here, let’s become friends!"
"Compared to the ancient Pharaohs who boasted the influence to construct temple complexes and pyramids, I also excessively… eh? Is Miss Nitocris assuming worries? No, that, concerning the demise of the Ptolemaic Dynasty… I always say it’s not my fault, but in fact, it is——"
"S-Sign… please kindly sign one for me! Please sign for me!"
Julius Caesar
"It is an impossible contradiction when I think about how! He became plump to that extent, and yet, to feel what is lovelyyy... ...No noo. There is no use for a man who did not acknowledge my Caesarion! Daily calorie intake should be dropped to 1500!"


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

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Other appearancesEdit

In Fate/strange fake, Cleopatra was mentioned as one of Alexandre Dumas's ostentatious lies to his Master by saying he slept with her.[3]


Her Noble Phantasm is Uraeus Astrape.

During moments of combat, she is soon in high spirits. She is ridiculing loudly to some extent. She also has a wild temperament while alive, having studied hand-to-hand fighting and fencing techniques in jest, but now that she has transformed into a Servant, she attained and displays genuine hand-to-hand fighting skills because of her Imperial Privilege Skill. Although she is an Assassin that mainly does surprise attacks as per typical of the Class, if the opponent is a Lancer or a Saber with average abilities, it becomes possible for her to endure and even exchange blows with them right in front of her.


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Rui Komatsuzaki is the character designer for Assassin.[1]


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