Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?) is an Assassin-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. She also appears as Berserker of the Crushing Hell (バーサーカー・衆合地獄, Bāsākā Shugō Jigoku?) after being taken over by Caster Limbo.



Assassin's True Name is Shuten-douji (酒呑童子, Shuten-dōji?), one of Japan's Three Great Monsters. At the Heian period, the boss stationed at a castle in Mt. Ooe who governed over the Oni. There are various theories about Shuten Douji's origins. Like the theory that deems her as the offspring of a human and the Great God Ibuki of Mount Ibuki (=Yamata no Orochi), or the theory that deems her as a heaven-sent child from Mt. Togakushi (=Kuzuryū). At any rate, she is the child of a dragon god, possessing a common background with Sakata Kintoki.[1]

Her connection with Kintoki dates back from his time as young man.[1] She, in the form of a beautiful girl, met Kintoki, who then fell in love with her.[2] Since he was easy to tease, she often played with him as snacks* for alcohol. As far as Shuten was concerned, those were nothing but drinking bouts, but for Kintoki they were like devil's banquets that would kill him if he relaxed his attention.[1]

“Struggling for life while intoxicated with alcohol. Isn't it quaint to cheat each other while cuddling our bodies?”

— Such is Shuten's testimony.

Due a series of disappearances of young men and princesses taking place in the imperial capital, Abe no Seimei performed a divination and ascertained that it was the doing of Shuten Douji. Having received the order to subjugate her, Minamoto no Yorimitsu led his "Big Four" and dressed themselves as itinerant Buddhist monks and visited the oni's castle. During a drinking bout, Yorimitsu and the others had Shuten Douji and his lot drink poisoned alcohol and then attacked while they were sick in bed, delivering punishment. The story goes that Shuten Douji's severed head assaulted Yorimitsu, but was thwarted by a helmet provided by god.[1] They used foul play in killing Shuten-douji, which Kintoki greatly regretted to the point of wanting to wish for Shuten-douji's revival to meet her once again.[2]

Due to her anecdotes and vestiges, she is classified as a "anti-hero".[1]



Shuten Douji does not talk about a wish for the Holy Grail. Just like in the past, she lives nowadays as she feels like, behaving to her heart's content. In addition, she is also a collector of antiques and rarities, showing a keen interest in the red dragon's ulna dwelling on Kintoki's arm. Seems that she attaches importance on rarity and the elegance of the appearance, as such she is incompatible with the King of Heroes who stresses performance・history.[1]

She herself does not talk much about her origins. The alias Ibuki Douji is nothing more than something given by Ibaraki Douji, who saw through the power of Yamata no Orochi. Maybe she has already forgotten such past. So long there are bewitching alcohol, showy banquets and entertaining snacks, she holds no regrets.[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

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In her interlude Get Drunk, Get Crazy, Get Furious (酒に酔い、酒に狂い、狂に滾って, ?), she attempt to drink with Ritsuka Fujimaru.[3]


Tipsiness of a Fruit (果実の酒気, ?) makes the target dead drunk through a tone of voice, a sigh, or even just a gaze, that is accompanied by the fragrance of sweetly fermenting fruit. In the case of beings without magical protection, such as common humans and animals, they will instantly lose all sense of rational thought and action.[1]


Raita Honjou is the character designer for Shuten-douji.[1]


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