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Athanaton Ten Thousand: Immortal Ten Thousand Soldiers (不死の一万騎兵アタナトイ・テン・サウザンド, Fushi no Ichiman KiheiAtanaitoi Ten Sauzando?) is the immortal Athanatoi corps of Darius III, his army of ten thousand elite men turned into a Noble Phantasm. Having existed as historical fact, the legends established in later years causes their nature as indestructible and immortal to be emphasized. Transformed into moving corpses and walking skeletons, they gather to become a "War Elephant of Death", a "colonial organism of sorts", that exterminates Darius's enemies with a "terrifying blow of magical power." It moves only under the commands of Darius, and it's devoted to annihilate the enemies of the king.[1][2]

In life, Darius and his army fought against Alexander the Great's Ionioi Hetairoi many times, and his greatest wish as a Servant is to have a rematch of their forces.[1][2]

  • Darius' War Elephant
  • Darius' War Elephant
  • Skeletal Immortal Soldiers
  • Skeletal Immortal Soldiers


PFALZ designed the Athanaton Ten Thousand Noble Phantasm.


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