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Attendre, Espérer: Wait, and Hope (待て、しかして希望せよアトンドラ・エスペリエ, Mate, Shikashite Kibō SeyoAtondora, Esuperie?) is the unbelievable recovery Noble Phantasm of Edmond Dantès. Not only can he bring himself or an ally back from the verge of death, they are resuscitated with a temporary rank up in all Parameters.

The streak of brilliant, shining hope in the darkness of the one who has fallen into atrocity, despair and regret. All human knowledge can be agglomerated into these two words: "Wait, and Hope".[1]


  1. Fate/Grand Order Material Book III: section on Edmond Dantès' Noble Phantasms, translated by ComunCoutinho on Twitter.

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