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Noble Phantasm
Authoritarian Personalism
Japanese name: オーソリテリアン・パーソナリズム
Title: Faceless Jet-black Sovereign
Japanese title: 黒玉皇に顔は無し
Transliteration: Kokugyokukō ni Kao wa Nashi
Owner: Julian Ainsworth

Authoritarian Personalism: Faceless Jet-black Sovereign (黒玉皇に顔は無しオーソリテリアン・パーソナリズム, Kokugyokukō ni Kao wa NashiŌsoriterian Pāsonarizumu?) is a powerful Noble Phantasm used by Julian Ainsworth through an unknown Class Card. The user's eyes change upon its activation, causing all the targets to be affected with a gravitational force that plunges them to the ground. It is not physical in nature, but an attack of conceptual interference that is able to easily break through even Bazett's runic defenses. He can selectively utilize it to avoid applying it to Erika, and it is powerful enough to leave four people capable of facing the Class Card Heroic Spirits completely helpless. Its existence is a mystery, and it is unknown even to Gilgamesh, his treasury containing all of humanity's legends, despite its strength.


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