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“Want to hear it?”
“The Servant's world greatest hit number, I'll let you hear it "Báthory Erzsébet"!”

Lancer, Fate/Grand Order

Báthory Erzsébet: Fresh Blood Demoness (鮮血魔嬢バートリ・エルジェーベト, Senketsu MajōBātori Erujēbeto?) is the Noble Phantasm utilized by Elizabeth Báthory while under the Berserker class, but she later utilizes it in the Lancer class while acting as the Servant of Hakuno Kishinami. It is a Noble Phantasm that summons the castle within she reigned during her lifetime and uses it as a stage to make herself prominent.



The castle is the Prison Castle Čachtice, a demonic castle where hundreds of young girls were tortured to death, and by being soaked in the fresh blood of girls that she used to fill her bloodbath, a bathtub of blood, she maintains an enormous magical power and charm power.

English | Japanese

“Last number. I'll greatly show you!!”
“This is my Fresh Blood Demoness!”

Lancer, Fate/Extra CCC

It is the worst and nastiest Noble Phantasm she has attained after becoming a Servant and dreaming of becoming the ultimate idol. Utilizing her singing talent to contest for the top position on the planet and the castle that has been remolded into a giant amplifier, they bring about a tune that is certainly something that can be called hell on earth. Her lungs, having gained tremendous capacity from her dragon blood, allows her to amplify her voice through the Noble Phantasm enough to resound off of a section of the Tokyo Dome and turn it into a noise capable of making it crumble. Due to Saber's bad singing, at the very least, it must not be allowed to act in collaboration with Aestus Domus Aurea.[2]


Báthory Halloween ErzsébetEdit

English | Japanese

“Main dish.”
'Báthory Halloween Erzsébet!'”


Báthory Halloween Erzsébet: Fresh Blood Special Demoness (鮮血特上魔嬢バートリ・ハロウィン・エルジェーベト, Senketsu Tokujō MajōBātori Harowin Erujēbeto?) is a variation of Báthory Erzsébet used by Caster Elizabeth Báthory. A Noble Phantasm that summons the castle that Elizabeth ruled from her entire life; Prison Castle Čachtice and turns it into a stage that makes her conspicuous. While a portion of the name has changed, there has been no particular changes in the contents.[3][4] A next "Fresh Blood Demoness" is to be expected.[3]

Báthory Brave ErzsébetEdit

English | Japanese

“"Báthory Brave Erzsébet"!”


Báthory Brave Erzsébet: Fresh Blood Tornado Demoness (鮮血竜巻魔嬢バートリ・ブレイブ・エルジェーベト, Senketsu Tatsumaki MajōBātori Bureibu Erujēbeto?) is a variation of Báthory Erzsébet used by Saber Elizabeth Báthory. A forbidden sword technique that seals the opponent with a storm-like hero power, uses that opportunity to clash with a full-power high-speed rotatory thrust and makes him explode. Of course, said hero power derives from Elizabeth’s sonic breath. The super-thunder screw slash fired towards the opponent, who was stunned in mind and body by Elizabeth’s ultrasonic waves, can pulverize even a sign of forbidden entry.[5]


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