Benkei Butsu

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Noble Phantasm
Benkei Butsu
Japanese name: 弁慶仏
Owner: Lancer

Benkei Butsu (Buddha) (弁慶仏, Benkei Butsu?) is a technique used by Benkei, manifesting multiple replicas of himself by slicing the space about him with a long blade. Each is equivalent in attributes to his base level of strength, and they can be used to wall off the original from an opponent's attack. One usage of the ability can manifest up to seven replicas at random, unable to be determined by Benkei, and his own attributes are temporarily boosted by a function of the number of replicas that remain manifest and undestroyed. It is listed as a Noble Phantasm in Fate/complete material IV, but later removed from his profile as of Fate/Grand Order.[1]


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