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Nasuverse character



Japanese name: バーサーカー
Character type: Servant (Master: None)

Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?), Mad Warrior and Heroic Spirit of Berserk Rage, is one of the Four Cavalry classes among the seven standard Servant classes summoned for the Holy Grail War. Servants placed within this class are always Heroic Spirits who have gone berserk during battle at least once in their lifetime. This trait allows them to use the special ability Mad Enhancement, which trades their consciousness and sanity for a large power boost. This class is usually for magi who have summoned Heroic Spirits with insufficient abilities and attributes, allowing them to strengthen their Servants to make up for their lower attributes and compete against stronger opponents. While it is ideal for Servants to reach the level of the Heroic Spirit, the class allows for their attributes to surpass even the original. If used on an already strong Heroic Spirit, such as Heracles, they will become empowered to truly extraordinary levels. The abuse of this to create powerful Servants has made the class referred to as the strongest of all seven classes.

It is possible to specify in the summoning ritual that the Servant be placed under the Berserker class for those familiar with the workings of the Grail System. By adding in a specific line, Zouken Matou and the Einzbern family, as members of the Three Founding Families, were able to choose the class during the Fourth and Fifth Grail Wars respectively. This class comes at a price, as the Berserker class is the most difficult to control and a Master must expend a large amount of additional magical energy merely to maintain the Berserker, and the affected Heroic Spirit may lose access to certain abilities or even Noble Phantasms depending on how much sanity it has taken away for power.

Masters are unable to utilize coordination with their Servant unless gifted with superb control over them. The lack of complex rational thinking keeps them from being able to follow more than simple directions, and it may even require Command Spells to keep them from acting on their own. They generally rely on little other than brute strength and overwhelming, uncontrolled strikes to physically beat down their opponents. As a result, in every Holy Grail War before the Fifth, the magical energy consumption and insanity of the Berserker class has made them incredibly difficult to maintain and control. Kariya Matou is drained of his energy at a high rate and eventually it causes his death, but he could have handled another class without difficulty. They have generally brought about their own Master's ruin due to their inability to control them, so the Einzbern family developed Ilya's Magic Circuits specifically so that she could handle the strain with ease in the Fifth Grail War.

Known BerserkersEdit

Servants marked with are also able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders.

Heroic Spirit War Master
Unknown*First Holy Grail WarUnknown
Unknown*Second Holy Grail WarUnknown
N/A*Third Holy Grail WarN/A
LancelotFourth Holy Grail WarKariya Matou
HeraclesFifth Holy Grail WarIllyasviel von Einzbern
Lü BuMoon Cell Holy Grail WarRani VIII
Arcueid Brunestud*Moon Cell Holy Grail WarMonji Gatou
Li Shuwen*Moon Cell Holy Grail WarJulius B. Harwey
Elizabeth Bathory*Sakura LabyrinthMeltlilith
FrankensteinGreat Holy Grail WarCaules Forvedge Yggdmillennia
SpartacusGreat Holy Grail WarDeimlet Pentel
Caster of Black
Sakata KintokiGrand OrderProtagonist
Vlad III the ImpalerGrand OrderProtagonist
AsteriosGrand OrderProtagonist
CaligulaGrand OrderProtagonist
Darius IIIGrand OrderProtagonist
KiyohimeGrand OrderProtagonist
Eric BloodaxeGrand OrderProtagonist
Tamamo CatGrand OrderProtagonist
HydeGrand OrderProtagonist
BeowulfGrand OrderProtagonist
Florence NightingaleGrand OrderProtagonist
Cú Chulainn (Alter)Grand OrderProtagonist
Minamoto no YorimitsuGrand OrderProtagonist
Ibaraki-doujiGrand OrderProtagonist
Mysterious Heroine X (Alter)Grand OrderProtagonist
Hijikata ToshizouGrand OrderProtagonist
ChachaGrand OrderProtagonist
BoudicaGrand OrderNone
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeFirst Holy Grail War (Prototype)Tatsumi Kitano
HeraclesSecond Holy Grail War (Prototype)Sancraid Phahn
Jack the RipperFalse Holy Grail WarFlat Escardos
UnknownFalse Holy Grail WarHaruri
HeraclesFifth Ainsworth Holy Grail WarUnnamed Doll
ThorUnknown Ainsworth Holy Grail WarBeatrice Flowerchild
Mori NagayoshiStrange Tales of the Imperial Holy GrailMajor Matou
UnknownNone (Learn More with Manga! FGO)Gudako
Tokugawa IeyasuKoha-AceUnknown

Nonstandard BerserkersEdit

Servants possessing the class of Berserker for special reasons unrelated to a proper summoning.

Heroic Spirit War Master
Brynhildr (Fake)Grand OrderJoan of Arc (Alter)
Fire IriGrand OrderNone

Other qualifying heroesEdit

Heroic Spirit Current class Notes
Abraham LincolnNone
Alexander the GreatRiderFate/Ace Royal only
Charles VIINone[1]
Cú Chulainn (Normal)Lancer[2]
EMIYAArcherFate/Ace Royal only
GilgameshArcherFate/Ace Royal only
Gilles de RaisCasterFate/Ace Royal only
Jack the RipperAssassin
John HawkinsNone[3]
King ArthurSaberFate/Ace Royal only
MedeaCasterFate/Ace Royal only
MedusaRiderFate/Ace Royal only
Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl of LyttonNone[3]
Shiki RyougiNoneFate/Ace Royal only


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