Nasuverse character




Japanese name: バーサーカー
Also known as: Bloodaxe King
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Grand Order
Japanese VA: Kunihiko Yasui
Character type: Servant, Heroic Spirit, Human
Gender: Male[1]
Height: 195cm[1]
Weight: 115kg[1]

Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?) is a Berserker-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Berserker's True Name is Eric Bloodaxe (エイリーク・ブラッドアクス, Eirīku Buraddoakusu?) the Bloodaxe King (血斧王, Chiono-Ō?), a Viking king known for possessing a bloodied axe. Having ruled over Norway during the 9th century, he made his nickname well known with his brutality in massacring his siblings to claim the throne and his just-as-infamous wife, the witch Gunnhild, being rumored to support him. His reign lasted for only slightly over three years, when he was driven out and escaped to England to become a mere provincial feudal lord.[1]



Due to his Mad Enhancement having reached B-rank, reaching mutual understanding is fundamentally impossible, but occasionally his wife's voice can be heard from nowhere.[1] Gunnhild is able to interact through Berserker in some unknown manner by speaking with his body, claiming that she would normally kill a Master for daring to use her husband for something like a regular Holy Grail War. Due to the unique circumstances of humanity being in danger, she permits Berserker's Master to utilize her husband.[2] Berserker's Master is urged to listen to her should the wish to keep being his Master.[1]

He does not possess any cunning at all. He is just like a beast of prey, only trying to slaughter the enemy. He is also very practical, not being picky with respect towards his Master.[3]


None (because Guunhild is too scary)


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Okeanos: The Four Sealed Seas of the EndEdit

Eric acts as an antagonist in the chapter as a crewmember under the command of the Dread Pirate Blackbeard and serves to strengthen his ship and Noble Phantasm, the Queen Anne's Revenge.

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Eric make appearance as an ally during the chapter to help fight against the 72 Demon Pillars. Eric advises Teach that with the loss of strength of the Queen Anne's with the loss of Hector they should call a truce with Francis Drake and instead form an alliance to deal with the constantly resurrecting Demon Pillars.


In his interlude Terror of the Bloodaxe, Eric's wife, Gunnhild, communicates with the Chaldea group through him, and permits his utilization as a servant due to humanity being in danger. However, she tells them that her husband isn't at full strength, as his axe needs to be strengthen by the blood of demonic beasts to unleash its full power. After slaughtering the monsters summoned by Gunnhild and drinking their blood, Eric's axe is able to reach its full splendor.


Berserker possesses the skill Supporting Shamanism (支援呪術, Shien Jujutsu?), a curse from Gunnhild that causes the parameters of his opponents to be decreased by one rank.[1] His Noble Phantasms are his Half-dead Blood Axe and Bloodbath Crown.


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Takao Aotsuki is the character illustrator for Eric Bloodaxe.[1]


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