Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?) is a Berserker-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Berserker's True Name is Kiyohime (清姫, ?) from the Kiyohime Legend (清姫伝説, Kiyohime Densetsu?).[2]

  • Embrace of the Scorching Heat (灼熱の抱擁, ?)

She fell in love at first sight with the handsome monk Anchin, who requested for a single night's lodgings while on his way to a temple in Kumano. However, upon visiting Anchin late at night, Kiyohime was bluntly rejected. Nevertheless, Anchin promised to meet her again while on his way back from the temple in Kumano. However Anchin broke his promise out of fear for Kiyohime and ended up running away without meeting her. Noticing that, Kiyohime felt into despair, grief and resentment over being betrayed, turned into a Dragon and began to pursue him. Finally catching up at a temple, she burned Anchin to death while he was hiding inside a bell.[2]

“I loved him, I loved him, I loved him, he betrayed me, I was sad, I was sad, I was sad I was sad I was sad, I hate him I hate him I hate him hate hate hate hate hate hate hate... so I burned him to death.”




She is a self-styled girl that lives for love. Since she seems to believe her Master is the reincarnation of Anchin, special care is required in managing her. If you lie to her even after being reminded that she does not want to be lied to, there is a chance she might come to take away your Command Spells. That aside, she is a fine bride with a good disposition and skillful in cooking. She is in love with her Master (the Protagonist) and will eliminate any rivals for his love. [2]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Orleans: Wicked Dragon Hundred Year WarEdit

Kiyohime appears in Chapter 10 "Holy one" (聖なる者, Seinaru mono?). She appears along with Elizabeth Bathory, who she is fighting with. Their quarrel is stopped by the Protagonist's party, who they then ally themselves with. Kiyohime helps the Protagonist's party in the final battle against the forces of Jeanne Alter, although the other Servants have a disliking towards her, due to her fiery attacks harming everyone present.

Salomon: The Grand Time Temple Edit

Kiyohime appears along with the other "Orleans" Servants to aid the Protagonist.

Singing Pumpkin Castle Adventure ~Mad Party 2015~Edit

Chaldea Summer Memories ~White Beach of Solace~Edit

She appears in her swimsuit as a Lancer, due to Scáthach deed.

Chaldea Heat Odyssey ~Evolving Civilization~Edit


In her interlude Lips to Lips, Kiyohime wakes up with Ritsuka and Mash in an unknown location, and unable to contact Romani, the group decide to start walking. After defeating some enemies, Kiyohime talks about her pursuing Anchin, wondering why he never apologized for leaving or reproached her for her behavior. She says that Tamamo told her that she loves too heavily when she is loved only just a little. But, Kiyohime then calls Tamamo a shut-in that easily falls for any man that looks at her seriously. She then begins to ask Ritsuka several questions, afterwards the group continue their journey where they eventually find a cavern. Inside the cavern they encounter another Kiyohime, who ridicules Kiyohime for her past behavior and hiding her dragon form. After defeating the another Kiyohime, Kiyohime asks Ritsuka if her dragon form is hideous. She is happy when Ritsuka answers that her dragon form is reliable.

Other appearancesEdit

  • Kiyohime in TMitter2015

Kiyohime is referenced as a Servant appearing in the Moon Cell during the story of Fate/Extra. It is unknown if she participates in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War, but she is mentioned by Caster as an "e-mail friend." She says that Kiyohime's method of dealing with love rivals would be to "trap them in a bell and then set it on fire."

Her design first appeared in TMitter2015 under Caster's Twitter account.


There are no records of her having the blood of the Dragon Kind mixed in.[2] Her Noble Phantasm is Samadhi Through Transforming Flames and her personal skills are Shapeshift.

Kiyohime's Mad Enhancement makes so that if you tell a lie, she sees through that lie 100%, you automatically lose a Command Spell.[1]

Her Shapeshifting skill is also called borrowed-body molding. By a woman's determination, she was reduced to a poisonous snake and crossed a large river. She transforms into a low ranking dragon of the orient. She will keep on running while she still have feet, but once her feet disappears she will start to crawl around on the ground. Also spit out fire.[1]

Stalking (ストーキング, Sutōkingu?) is a Skill for keep on pursuing her beloved target. Something that may also be described as a wild instinct that includes the fives senses and magic power, she tracks down Anchin no matter how far.[1]

Flame Colored Kiss (焔色の接吻, Enshoku no Seppun?) is a Skill for what Kiyohime wishes from her Master. If it means she would be able to join her lips with her Master's, she would be willing to push aside every obstacle and become Super Kiyohime-chan. The compensation would be that the future of the Master would be fixed (as a groom), but that is just a trivial risk.[1]


“Burn, burn, burnburnburnburnburnburnburn--- alas, this is surely a passionate love! Vexa! Tion! ”

—This is Miss Kiyohime on a strange high tension

Having been summoned as a Lancer this time around, she possesses a naginata. Her own testimony is: "Of course, as a maiden, I have a general understanding about martial arts. However, with the slender arms of a frail and helpless woman such as myself, it would not come to the point of being useful. Alas, how regretful." Still, while her competency with the naginata is indeed second-rate just as she herself stated, given her overflowing killing-intent and lack of mercy, there are rumors of how she would actually be peerless in the battlefield.[3]

A woman that lives for love. In other words, it is the same Kiyohime as usual; but how about losing yourself and praising her swimsuit since it is summer. Surely, this summer will pass away in the blink of an eye... under the nuance of being locked up somewhere by a Kiyohime that was overcame with emotion.[3]

  • Pursuer of Love: A

Stalking's power-up version. The summer heat makes Kiyohime's internal engine accelerate. Howling entrails, accelerating lungs, a breath in which the scent of nitro hangs; no matter in which place the other party is, she beings a super-high-high-speed pursuit.[3]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Her scenario was written by Yuuichirou Higashide in Fate/Grand Order.[1] BLACK is the character designer for Kiyohime.[1][2]


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