The Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?) Class Card of an unrevealed Ainsworth Holy Grail War is possessed by Beatrice Flowerchild in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA.



The True Name of the Divine Spirit of the Class Card is Magni (マグニ, Maguni?), the half-god, half-giant son of Thor and the giant Járnsaxa. He and his half-brother, Móði, both survived Ragnarok, finding Thor's hammer Mjölnir upon the reborn earth. He is relatively unknown amongst Norse gods, having left no records of his death or any particular weaknesses. Though both he and his brother inherited the characteristics of Thor, he is the only one between them whose strength rivals that of a god due to his giant heritage. He also took possession of Megingjörð and Járngreipr, and he has a horn in his forehead that normally appears to be in a form similar to the forehead jewel possessed by Thor.



The Divine Core within the Class Card imbues thoughts of "Don't retreat", "Don't stop", and "Push forward". Due to having been taught such by Thor, Magni believes retreating is unforgivable and that one must always keep going forwards


The Class Card is believed to be Thor at first, but later revealed to be Magni.


Divine SpiritEdit

Magni has no recorded weaknesses. Due to being so similar to his father, it is easy for others to assume that he is Thor and try to apply the weakness of being poisoned and retreating nine steps that felled his father. He is said to be a Berserker even more uncontrollable than Thor. He possesses incredible strength said to rival the Gods due to his Giant heritage from his mother. This allows him to wield Mjölnir without the need of his gauntlet or belt to boost his strength.


Including the Class Card gives the user a massive arm equipped with the gauntlet Járngreipr, capable of great feats of immense strength as well as protecting the user's arm. It is one of two items Thor needed to lift Mjölnir.

Installing the Class Card gives the user the arm, Járngreipr, the belt Megingjörð, which doubles the user's strength and is the second item Thor needed to lift Mjölnir; the forehead jewel, Magni's clothing that are styled after those of Thor, and Mjölnir.