Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?) is the Berserker-class Servant of Gudako in the parody work Learn More with Manga! FGO.



Berserker's True Name is Paul Bunyan (ポール・バニヤン, Pōru Baniyan?), a figure originating from American folklore. Described in the tall tales of America's pioneer era, Bunyan was the strongest lumberjack in America whose height was described as a giant so tall as to reach the clouds. Accompanied by a giant, blue male ox named "Babe", his recklessness from his large size spawned many legends.[1] Much of North America's geography was said to have been a result of his actions, so he can be thought of as an existence that constructed the United States of America.[1][2] His many tales include achievements like having created the Mississippi River with one strike, having created oil fields spanning to China with one punch, having drank the Great Lakes dry in a bout of thirst, crushed the Rocky Mountains with a single pickax, and single handedly caused the vast open expanses in the midewest through his logging.[2]

While the feats of Bunyan would have him described as "the legend that created America", a Divine Spirit normally unable to be summoned as a Servant, he is not a god, or even a Heroic Spirit.[2] Paul Bunyan is a Phantom, considered nothing more than an oft-repeated urban legend.[3] He was hardy spoken of during the pioneer era, and the greater part of his "recognized bizarre giant legends" were falsifications inserted into the narrative during the 20th century.[1] His legend was nothing more than a joke among pioneers, mentioned in cheap newspapers for pure amusement. He is not a true legend, and none actually believed in his existence.[2] He was but a "superficial imitation that carries the name of a folklore hero."[1] He was the lowest form of a spirit, a "shadow without even an ego to call its own."[3]

Paul Bunyan is only able to exist as a Servant due to the Master without a Name allowing that Phantom to possess a ball of udon dough and mixing it with a Holy Grail. Her line of thinking was that due to Bunyan's legend including the "common legends of mankind’s creator deities", the creation of an "artificial deity that contains godly elements" would be possible in lieu of summoning an actual god.[3] Through the eventual expansion of Bunyan's inner world into the real world, the goddess Columbia expresses the possibility of the Throne of Heroes designating her as a proper Heroic Spirit, but she claims that Bunyan is "folklore that is not worthy to become a Heroic Spirit in the first place."[4] After the Holy Grail is removed from her, she is designated as a proper Servant. Though Mash describes it as a new Heroic Spirit joining Chaldea's ranks, Andersen describes her as an irregularity permitted by Chaldea's unique circumstances.[5]

Paul Bunyan is a false legend, but that lively tale is widely recognized to have been told for about 100 years up till today. No matter what the circumstances are, no matter how foolishly gossiped by anyone, as per legend, Bunyan is loved by the people, and a tale that will continue to be spoken of. Let these feelings be also known to her.[1]


Berserker is a gigantic "little girl character." The reason why he was summoned in the form of a young girl is unknown.[1] Although modestly dressed compared to Rabbit Ears and Olga's Servant, Gudako says Berserker will appear as wearing overalls and nothing else upon her Ascension.

Her height can be measured by eye to be normally above 3m, but the precise values fluctuate during measurement and thus cannot be confirmed.[1]

As with the legends, she is accompanied by a giant, blue male bull but, no matter how you look at it, the shape of the bull is a spherical shaped monster. A Fearsome Critter that was rumored to exist during the pioneer era of America, or what could be called an UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) in today's times.[1]


Bunyan loves people, and believes that the development of civilization is their happiness as she develops unknown lands. If it is for the sake of ensuring a prosperous lifestyle for the people, there is no hesitation to destroy the magnificent Mother Nature. But as to how humanity will perceive it in the future, that is something that the young Bunyan has yet to understand.[1]


Learn More with Manga! FGOEdit

Berserker kills all the Servants sent to play with her. Though eventually she was able to become friends with Jack the Ripper and Nursery Rhyme.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

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Berserker's Noble Phantasm, Wisconsin Death Trip

Berserker has been shown capable of smashing and devouring normal Servants with just her physical might alone. She is occasionally accompanied by her animal companion, Babe the Blue Ox. Her Noble Phantasms are Wisconsin Death Trip and Marvelous Exploits. Wisconsin Death Trip's abilities are unknown, aside from summoning up a pink chainsaw.[6] She also uses Babe as a Bludgeoning Weapon.


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