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Nasuverse character
Cornelius Alba
Normal | Original design
Cornelius Alba
Japanese name: コルネリウス・アルバ
Franchise: Kara no Kyoukai
Appears in: Paradox Spiral
Japanese VA: Kōji Yusa
Character type: Human, Magus
Affiliation: Mage's Association
Gender: Male

Cornelius Alba (コルネリウス・アルバ, Korunerius Aruba?) is an antagonist of the fifth chapter of Kara no Kyoukai, "Paradox Spiral".



Touko araya alba photo

Photograph of Araya, Touko and Cornelius when they were in the Clock tower.

Cornelius is a direct descendant of the Renaissance-era scholar and magus Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim. He studied at the London branch of the Mage's Association along with Touko Aozaki and Souren Araya. The three of them had a pretty good relationship until their graduation. Alba wanted the title "Red", but it was given to Touko, resulting his inferiority complex. It is rumored that he was to be the next director in line of the Sponheim Abbey, an organization within the Clock Tower.[1]


Alba is fifty years old, but he has the appearance of "an agreeable youth in his twenties." While donning his crimson long coat and top hat and strutting down the street with his black Doberman Familiar by his side, he has the air of a protagonist.[1] He conveys the feeling of a haughty person with great confidence in himself. He gives the impression of being a flashy British gentleman. His staff has no noteworthy background, and it is of no practical use for magic. He has the taste of a gentleman, and wears gloves made out of leather. [2]


While first-rate as a magus, his personality is troublesome, and he has a cruel disposition.[1] He and Touko were on good terms when they were students, until Touko surpassed him in their study of Runes. He is so obsessed with this inferiority complex that he occasionally becomes deranged when speaking of her. Alba wants to be acknowledged by Touko, in his student days he was always popping in to Touko’s research laboratory just to gossip and brag about himself.[3] Alba favourite food is casual homemade food “Pizza Crackers” made by Touko.[4] Unlike most Magus, Alba views reaching Akasha is a useless effort but he is willingly to work with Araya to kill Touko.

While he cannot easily love another person, he favors creatures like his doberman who could easily love people.[1]


Kinoko Nasu rejected Takashi Takeuchi's original design from the Plus Period. Nasu ideally wanted him to have a coat, a silk hat and a walking stick. He wanted him to give him an impression to make people’s heads turn if you wore it to town. He wanted him to be accompanied by a German Shepherd and was disappointed by it's lack of appearance.[5]




The Enforcer

Alba appears as an Enforcer who participates in the 'cleansing' of the vampirism started by Norikata Emiya at Arimago Island.

Included as a brief cameo, the production staff of Fate/Zero doesn't confirm his appearance by name, but do say that this is the period before this magus met Touko Aozaki at the Mage's Association, only one time, and that it can be called the prime of his life.[6]

Kara no KyoukaiEdit

Chapter 5: Paradox SpiralEdit

He joined up with Araya and came to Japan, not because of the latter's attempt to reach Akasha, but solely to kill Touko to prove his superiority.

Cornelius was first seen by Enjou Tomoe when he notice Shiki Ryougi was being followed.

When Touko and Mikiya Kokutou was examining the Ogawa Apartment complex, Cornelius was spying on them at a far distance.

Touko meets Cornelius in her exhibition, she gave Mikiya a talisman to make him invisible. He explains to Touko his involvement with the Ogawa apartment complex. He mentions the kidnapping of Shiki which shocked Mikiya. Mikiya revealed his presense to Alba and he believed Mikiya to be Touko's apprentice.

When Touko approach Cornelius inside the Ogawa apartment, Touko suggested to bring out Araya as he wasn't capable of facing her. Cornelius frustrated with Touko looking down on him casted his thousand degree sea-of-flames spell, Touko redirects it and nonchalantly uses it to light her cigarette. Touko use her Projection machine and Cornelius was swallowed by the cat familiar until Araya saved him. He was knocked out during in the fight between Araya and Touko.

Cornelius approaches Araya complaining to him about not keeping his promise in which he was suppose to kill Touko. Cornelius angry at Araya desires to kill her personally and calls her Dirty Red. Araya called Cornelius foolish for saying something he shouldn't have but hands over Touko's head.

As he was about to leave, he notices Mikiya in front of him. In front of Mikiya, he sadistically plays with Touko's head and crushes it. As Mikiya runs away from Cornelius, he hums out a classic music while following him. As he caught up with Mikiya, Mikiya attempts to stab Cornelius with the paper knife. Cornelius knocks Mikiya out and attempt to torture him by smashing his head to the wall to vent out his frustration with his history with Touko. Cornelius realises that the Touko standing behind him was the result of him killing her earlier, he panics and wonders which is the real Touko.

He was devoured by Touko's familiar in the 'sealed box' after calling her by her nickname, "Dirty Red." Only at the end did he realize that he "shouldn't have gotten involved with monsters" like Touko and Araya.


Alba is a first rate magus with a high amount of Magic Circuits and a great lineage far above that of Souren Araya and Touko Aozaki's thirty and twenty Magic Circuits.[7] In terms of raw power, he is amongst the high end of all the magi to ever appear in TYPE-MOON works, but he doesn't get a chance to fully display his abilities during the story.[8] Despite being an overall superior magus to both Araya and Touko, they can be called monsters that far surpass him in battle capability. He also has a bad compatibility against Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi.

His Sea of Flames (炎の海, Honoo no umi?) can create a thousand-degree conflagration in less than two seconds using high-speed incantations, so he can be compared to a character in a fighting game capable of spamming Super Moves at will. While he does not utilize it during the story, he has a Black Hound (黒い猟犬, Kuroi ryouken?) doberman Familiar, and as well as Ether Clumps, Slimes (スライム, ?). He is also a puppeteer (人形師, ningyoushi?) and was responsible for the system at Ogawa Mansion, where only the brains of residents were kept alive and connected to puppet bodies. His Origin is Refutation (反証, ?).[9]


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