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Noble Phantasm
Blasted Tree
Japanese name: ブレステッド・ツリー
Title: The Lightning Tree of Crucifixion
Japanese title: 磔刑の雷樹
Owner: Berserker of Black
Type: Anti-Army
Rank: D-B
High (CM4)
Range: 1-10
Maximum number of targets: 30 people

Blasted Tree: The Lightning Tree of Crucifixion (磔刑の雷樹ブレステッド・ツリー, Takkei no Raiju?) is the use of the Bridal Chest in a suicide move. The fin of the mace is planted into the ground, and the reactor's limiters are completely released, discharging all gathered electricity into the surrounding environment as an area of effect attack with target homing; momentarily giving the Noble Phantasm in the silhouette of a towering tree. May be implemented from the Servant's own body rather than the Bridal Chest if the enemy force is a single opponent within short range. Use of this technique results in permanent deactivation, but there is a low probability that a second Frankenstein's Monster will be materialized in the wake of the attack. However, in death, it would be impossible for the Servant to witness the results of her actions.[1]


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