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Blessing of Wisdom (才知の祝福, Saichi no Shukufuku?) is the second sword Noble Phantasm of Suzuka Gozen, activated with her silver sword, Shoutouren. Along with Daitsuuren, it is a blade of wisdom belonging to Manjushri.[1] It is a sword forged by a bodhisattva, the bodhisattva's wisdom transmitted into the sword, and when unsheathed, the user would gain a wisdom matching that of Manjushri, bypassing the requirement of having to gather three people for this wisdom as scripture says.[1][2]

By equipping Shoutouren, the Noble Phantasm is able to drastically raise Suzuka's intelligence level.[1][2] She can spread out more tactics than usual, while her talent for using swords, which was sloppy prior to receiving the bodhisattva's wisdom, becomes more reliable. Also, the performance of "Heavenly Demon Rain" rises and "Trichiliocosm" becomes able to be used. It is altogether a good thing for Suzuka.[2] However, the effect makes her head dizzingly turn more than necessary, and she falls into self-loathing, temporarily looking back at her inefficient way of life at playing the role of a female high-school student.[1][2] Because of this, Suzuka Gozen proactively tries to not make use of this Noble Phantasm.[2]

In Fate/Grand Order, the Noble Phantasm is treated as a Skill.[2]


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