Hi public, I am Toaneo07.

This is a message to inform you that there is a vote by a translator light novel in which work on his next novel, to explain better must be specific: he is the current translator in the light novel "Highschool DxD" and basically is a only complete the epilogue of the last volume, which is 20, which was posted on the Internet, the next volume of DxD will come out on March 19, so the translator put a vote of various light novels that could work while expects the release of volume 21 DxD.

Including Fate / Apocrypha and Fate / prototype.

At the end Fate Apocrypha is among the last options and their votes are not many, so I have taken the trouble to do something about it. Not many know but the current level of translation into English of Fate Apocrypha just go for the first part of the second chapter of the third volume, although many would say that this is the certainty that it is sad that the last update was in October of the year past and missing two volumes that have never been completed.

Translation take years and that's if we're lucky.

Therefore I leave this message to all fans of the series Fate and give their vote in this series.

Only you can make a difference.

Here is the link of the blog mentioned, if not perhaps appear not climbed well, just look at google zxzxzx blog, just as here it is:

oh, if my words have confused them or if I put incorrectly this post, excuse me in advance, I'm not very good with English, at least ask anyone take note of this issue and also tell this news to the other fans of this franchise.