Zanathos is my Custom Saber class servant, usually a fan thing for FSN

Identity Edit

Zanathos is a Dragonknight who serves the Ancient Dragon in a land named Drangleic, until he met his Unknown fate, and was made a Saber class

Appearance Edit

he wears the Black Dragon set from Dark Souls II, he has a golden brownish color to his armor, he has straight Horns on his helmet which are going upwards and back, his helmet has three Golden eyes, two normal ones and one on the middle, he is a very slim and agile Knight.

Personality Edit

Zanathos is usually serious but can also be funny.

Skills and weapons Edit

Zanathos usually dodges attacks like a charecter from a souls game, he uses a normal Longsword but reinforced, he can Parry opponents at any time, and yep