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“Blooood!... Blooood!... Bloooooooood!!”


Bloodbath Crown: Bloodstained Coronation (血塗れの戴冠式ブラッドバス・クラウン, Chimamire no TaikanshikiBuraddobasu Kuraun?) is the Noble Phantasm of Eric Bloodaxe. It is Eric's Mad Enhancement doping done by the hands of the black magician Gunnhild. He charges into the enemies and minces them without caring at all about his own damage. Of course, that means he also suffers quite a bit of damage. This Noble Phantasm is the materialization of the story of how he completely exterminated all his close relatives and became the King of Norway. Although it is not an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm, it is suited for fighting multiple enemies. However, the damage he will have when returning will be proportionally severe. It is probably better to hold back in the use of this Noble Phantasm if one does not have any way of healing.[2]


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