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Brahmastra (ブラフマーストラ, Burafumāsutora?) is the Noble Phantasm of Rama and Karna.

Rakshasa-Piercing ImmortalEdit

Brahmastra: Rakshasa-Piercing Immortal (羅刹を穿つ不滅ブラフマーストラ, Rasetsu wo Ugatsu FumetsuBurafumāsutora?) is the Noble Phantasm of Rama.

The "Immortal Blade" Rama wields from birth and used to strike down Ravana. It is immensely powerful against anything demonic.

Originally an arrow, Rama forcibly modifies it into a sword as he is summoned as Saber. It still retains the ability as a ranged weapon though, and is thrown when activated.

O Brahma, Cover the EarthEdit

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"A true hero kills with a stare!"


Brahmastra: O Brahma, Cover the Earth (梵天よ、地を覆えブラフマーストラ, Bonten yo, Chi wo ŌeBurafumāsutora?) is a Noble Phantasm granted to Karna by Parashurama of the Brahmin. Utilized by calling upon the name of the god Brahma, it will pursue the enemy and surely strike with a wide effective range, but it cannot be used on opponents of greater ability than himself due to a curse. It will manifest as a bow under the Archer class, and it will manifest as a different projectile weapon under other classes.[1] It appears as a visualization of his intimidating stare from his right eye normally hidden by his hair, resembling a beam shooting from his eye, in Fate/Extra CCC. This causes his Master, Jinako Carigiri, to rename his class "Launcher", the "Heroic Spirit of the laser beam." The skill Brahmastra Kundala bestows it with his Mana Burst (Flames), increasing its range and power.[1]


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