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Noble Phantasm
Japanese name: ブラフマーストラ
Title: O Brahma, Wrap the Earth
Japanese title: 梵天よ、地を覆え
Owner: Lancer of Red

"A true hero kills with a stare!"

Brahmastra: O Brahma, Wrap the Earth (梵天よ、地を覆えブラフマーストラ, Bonten yo, Chi wo Ōe (Burafumaasutora)?) is a Noble Phantasm granted to Karna by Parashurama of the Brahmin. It has a special classification as an "Anti-Army, Anti-Country" Noble Phantasm, and it is utilized by calling upon the name of the god Brahma. It will pursue the enemy and surely hit, but it cannot be used on opponents of greater ability than himself due to a curse.

It will manifest as a different projectile weapon under each class, as it appears as a lance under the Lancer class, a bow under the Archer class, and a visualization of his intimidating stare from his hidden eye, resembling a beam that is shot from his eye, in Fate/Extra CCC. In gameplay, it is a high-powered skill that can be used twice in a turn. Due to this, Karna class was renamed as Launcher by an impressed Jinako. There is also Brahmastra Kundala, bestowed with his Prana Burst (Flames).[1]


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