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Noble Phantasm
Brahmastra Kundala
Japanese name: ブラフマーストラ・クンダーラ
Title: O Brahma, Curse Me
Japanese title: 梵天よ、我を呪え
Owner: Lancer of Red
Type: Anti-Country
Rank: A+
Range: 2-90
Maximum number of targets: 600 people

"This is not an imitation of Arjuna...! Beware the sky, I think it is going to get bad."

Brahmastra Kundala: O Brahma, Curse Me (梵天よ、我を呪えブラフマーストラ・クンダーラ, Bonten yo, Ware wo Noroe (Burafumaasutora Kundaara)?) is Karna's hidden Noble Phantasm and trump card. It is the projectile weapon Brahmastra bestowed with the sweltering heat effect of Karna's attribute, Prana Burst (Flames), then fired. Brahmastra already has a wide effective range, and the added effects make its effective range further widened and raises its power exceptionally. Its performance is to the point of being compared to nuclear weapons.[1]

In Fate/Extra CCC it appears as a skill that, after imbuing his spear with flames and throwing it to the sky, a huge land destroying conflagration is dropped on an enemy from the heavens. Its effects in the gameplay translates into randomly appearing damage on the player's Servant in every turn after it is used. Since this damage effect works the same way as a code cast, it is inconvenient to the player as it avoids the obtainment of Extra Turns. In game, Karna only uses this skill after using his Noble Phantasm Vasavi Shakti and the red wings on his back have been broken.


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