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“I will not kill you gently."
"Its finger is iron, its hair is a cage, its whisper is sweet poison! ―― This is me!"
"Caress of the Medusa!!”


Caress of the Medusa: Embrace of the Goddess (女神の抱擁カレス・オブ・ザ・メドゥーサ, Megami no HōyōKaruse obu za Medūsa?) is the Noble Phantasm of Medusa in her child form. The abilities that Medusa had possessed as Skills up until now - in other words, that which the current Medusa will acquire in the "future" - attained as a Noble Phantasm. After haunting with the immortal-slayer blade on her hands, she instantly turns the opponents within her line of sight into stone - an effect by means of the Mystic Eyes of the highest level, "Cybele". She performs a fierce attack with this at its focal point.[1]


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