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Noble Phantasm
Casa Di Logistilla
Japanese name: キャッサー・デ・ロジェスティラ
Title: Destruction Declaration
Japanese title: 破却宣伝
Transliteration: Hakyaku Sengen
Owner: Rider of Black
Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
Rank: C
Range: -
Maximum number of targets: 1 person

Casa Di Logistilla: Destruction Declaration (破却宣言キャッサー・デ・ロジェスティラ, Hakyaku SengenKyassā De Rojesutira?) is a thick magic-binding leather book inherited from a witch, Logistilla, by Astolfo. It contains records of the means to shatter any magecraft, granting its owner the passive ability to deal with magecraft of A rank and below. Though his Magic Resistance is normally D rank, it greatly elevates it to A rank, effectively making him immune to all modern magecraft. At the start of the Great Holy Grail War, he forgets its true name, granting it the "suitably attached name" of Luna Break Manual: Magical All-purpose Tome of Tactics (魔術万能攻略書ルナ・ブレイクマニュアル, Majutsu Ban'nō Kōryaku-shoRuna Bureiku Manyuaru?) until he later is able to remember its real name. When its true name is released and the book is read, it becomes possible to break all magecraft close to High-Thaumaturgy in addition to Reality Marbles.[1]


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