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Nasuverse character






Japanese name: キャスター
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Chibichuki!
Fate/Extra / CCC
Fate/Grand Order
Japanese VA: Ai Nonaka
Character type: Servant, Heroic Spirit
Gender: Undefined[1] (Female)[2][3]
Birthday: Unknown[4]
Height: Undefined[1] (137cm)[2][3][4]
Weight: Undefined[1] (30kg)[2][3][4]
Blood type: Unknown[4]
Likes: Playing chase, sweet tea party[4]
Dislikes: Doctors, Armies[4]
Talents: Nothing in particular[4]
Natural enemy: Dan, Twice, No Name[4]
Image Color: Light Blue[4]
Addresses self as: Atashi (あたし, ?)[2]

Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā?), also called Alice (アリス, Arisu?), is the Caster-class Servant of Alice in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War of Fate/Extra. She is one of the Servants of the Protagonist of the Grand Order conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



Caster's True Name is "Nursery Rhyme" (ナーサリー・ライム, Nāsarī Raimu?), the embodiment of Alice's feelings on the subject projected onto a Reality Marble, Nursery Rhyme, to create a virtual-servant. It is not a hero in the traditional sense, but the general term for any picture book that managed to manifest itself into a corporeal existence. It is a genre deeply loved by the children of England that came into being as a reaction to the half-voiced dreams of the young. It eventually emerged as a Servant who became a champion of the innocent. It formed the foundation for the book Alice in Wonderland, what was perhaps the best known work from the author known as Lewis Carroll, which began as a series of simple rhymes told to the daughters of a family friend while rowing down the River Thames on a warm summer's day.[5][3][6]


Nursery Rhyme does not have its own body, and it manifests itself as the will of its current Master. Caster is Alice's identical twin in terms of her appearance; however, Caster's primary colors are black and purple in contrast to Alice's white and blue.

In Fate/Grand Order she retains the same form as she had in Fate/EXTRA, to honour Alice's wish to play with others and to remember her by. Supposedly, the height and weight belong to its human form.[3]


Caster is the mirror image of Alice with the same personality, but she truly cares about her master and doesn't want to lose her. Unlike Alice, she is not shy, only emotionless and bored. She claims that being Alice's Servant makes her happy, and being the Servant of another wouldn't be the same.


Jack the Ripper



  • Alice and Caster.
  • Saber facing against Alice, Caster and Jabberwock.
  • Alice and Caster

Caster is the enemy that Hakuno's Servants has to face in the third round. She appears when Alice talks about her past history, Caster summon Jabberwock to fight. Hakuno Kishinami and the servant first thought that Jabberwock was the servant and a Berserker class. Throughout the week, they convince Hakuno to "play games" with them, noting two people named Yamada and Suzuki as previous "playmates." In the second floor, Caster unleashed her Reality Marble Nameless Forest against Hakuno and the Servant. As Hakuno managed to catch up to Alice and Caster, Hakuno's existence started to fade while Alice and Caster teleported away. Hakuno successfully broke the reality marble by remembering their name. Caster comforts Alice saying there are other games that they can play with Hakuno.

Touko Aozaki helps analyze Alice's Servant explaining that a Berserker class cannot utilize a Reality Marble and a Caster class is more suitable. As Hakuno look up more details about Jabberwock, Alice pops up and Hakuno asked if Jabberwock is her Servant. Caster interrupts their conversion before Alice reveals anymore details, and Hakuno figured out the true class of this Servant. Alice and Caster both revealed Nursery Rhyme's existence.

In the elevator, Alice claims that she doesn't need Hakuno anymore and Caster is the only person she'll ever needs. As they're about to be deleted, Caster laments for her defeat and clings onto Alice. Caster blames on Hakuno for taking away her happiness with Alice, but Alice accepts that everything has to end someday. Alice thanked Caster and fades away, Caster cries out knowing that she wouldn't be happy without Alice and fades away as well.

Fate/Extra CCCEdit

BB revives Alice and Caster together. In chapter 3, Alice and Caster both teased Passionlip.

In Chapter 6, there are many Caster clones.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Chocolate Ladies Fussing Over Trifles ~Valentine 2016~Edit

Caster is the antagonist of the Valentine's Day event.

London: Death World in the City of Demonic FogEdit

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Nursery Rhyme is amongst the "London" Singularity Servant to aid Chaldea against Demon Gods Pillar.[7]


  • Caster fighting
  • Plains of Winter, March Hare, and Queen's Enigma

She is an irregular Servant created from the dreams of her Master with the relic known as "Perpetual Engine - Maiden Empire". Caster's abilities are linked to Alice due to their unique nature through Nursery Rhyme. Their main Noble Phantasm is The Queen's Glass Game, and they can create the Jabberwock and Nameless Forest. Caster uses physical strikes in battle despite her frail-looking nature.


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Arco Wada is the character designer for Nursery Rhyme.[2] Kinoko Nasu is the scenario writer for Nursery Rhyme in Fate/Grand Order.[2]


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