Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā?) is the Caster-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Caster's True Name is Xuanzang Sanzang (玄奘三藏, Genjō Sanzō?), a Buddhist priest from the Tang dynasty, in the 7th century AD. Traveling through the Silk Road in pursuit of the original Buddhist scriptures, she reached India from central Asia and then brought back to China over 367 sutras, becoming the founder of the Faxiang Buddhist sect.[1]

Journey to the WestEdit

She is known as a key character of the Chinese novel "Journey to the West". It has been said that she originally existed in heavens as Jin Chanzi (金蝉子, Konzenshi?), the disciple of Shakyamuni, but fell into secular life as a result of "a certain matter". In other words, Xuanzang is the reincarnation of Jin Chanzi.[1]

Under the command of Guanyin, the monk of good looks who rode Bai Long (Yu Long) - the son of the West Sea Dragon King transformed into a white horse - had Qitian Dasheng Sun Wukong (Sun Xingzhe), Tianpeng Yuanshuai Zhu Bajie (Zhu Wuneng) and Juanlian Dajiang Sha Wujing (Sha Heshang) as her disciples and headed for India, without ever losing heart at the countless monsters that obstructed her way.



“I'll never drink the waters of the Zimu River again!”

—Xuanzang Sanzang

She is a rather upbeat person, often times looking on the bright side, cracking jokes, and speaks in a way full of energy. She wears her faith like a badge, mentioning Buddha countless times, thanking and praising him. She even gives offers to have others become a Buddhist. As soon as she becomes close to her master she immediately takes them on as a disciple, trying to teach them in the ways of Buddhism. Despite being so cheerful she sees herself as an idiot who is prone to mistakes, but because of her faith she believes that despite that, all are given guidance equally.

It is stated that she and Sun Wukong are very close, to the point she often mentions him. This close relationship almost borders on reliance as she often wonders how affairs may go without him by her side. She's stated to miss him, but clearly gets flustered over the topic. This reliance doesn't just extend to Sun Wukong as she has stated the only thing she dislikes is being alone though she quickly tries to change the topic.

She has no wish for the grail because she believes a disciple of Buddha has no need of such a thing.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

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She wields a Khakkhara staff. In combat she can use her student's weapon; Ruyi Jingu Bang, Nine-toothed rake and Monk's spade. Her Skills are Territory Creation (A+ Rank), Divinity (D Rank), High-Speed Sutra Chanting (A Rank), Bewitching Rosy Cheeks (A Rank) and Teachings of Tripitaka (A Rank).

Her Noble Phantasms are Five Elements Mountain - Shaka Nyorai Palm and Prophecy of Future Enlightenment - Buddha of Sandalwood Merit.


Takeshi Okazaki is the character designer for Xuanzang.


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