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The Organization for the Preservation of the Common Sense of Man, Fenis Chaldea (人理継続保障機関フィニス・カルデア, Jinri Keizoku Hoshō Kikan Finisu Karudea?) is a secret agency founded with the purpose of preventing the "certain extinction" of the human race. As of the Camelot Arc of Fate/Grand Order, it has been established that the organization became a UN-sanctioned operation in the aftermath of Maris-Billey Animusphere's victory in the 5th War of Fuyuki in 2004.


Chaldea is an organization that recruits researchers from every field -- both magical and mundane -- for the purpose of observing both the magical and scientific aspects of the world. They have a single goal: "to preserve the reign of Common Sense of Man, above all else."

Formerly, they were able to confirm the persistence of human civilization for up to a century into the future -- but encountered difficulties in 2015. Fluctuations in the data provided by SHIVA suggested that the extinction of humanity would arrive in 2016, with the probable cause being a certain event that occurred in the newly-manifested "unobservable locale" of Fuyuki City, 2004 -- otherwise known as Singularity F. The Grand Order was declared for the purpose of interfering with the past and correcting the course of history.

They have established five primary projects and an incomplete sixth:

  • Phenomenon Recording Cyber-Daemon "LAPLACE" (事象記録電脳魔・ラプラス, Jishō Kiroku Den'nō-Ma Rapurasu?) - Completed in 1950 A.D. Named after Pierre-Simon Laplace's thought experiment (wherein a hypothetical omniscient being, sometimes referred to as a demon, would be capable of accurately predicting the future), the Cyber-Daemon LAPLACE is one of several safeguard measures set in place to preserve a Master's spiritual integrity and safety during Rayshift (レイシフト, reishifuto?).[1] Rayshift-based time travel technology permits the projection of the spirit of a living human into the past. However, as of Camelot Arc in Fate/Grand Order, da Vinci explains that the capacity of a Rayshift subject to safety return to their era of origin requires that the integrity of their soul is maintained within a certain variance of their original spiritual structure via consistent confirmation by a quantum observer. Said observer also prevents the local Counter Force of a past era from relegating the Rayshift subject to a phantasmal existence, and thereby excluding them from the Human Domain.[2]
  • Global Environment Model "CHALDEAS" (地球環境モデル・カルデアス, Chikyū Kankyō Moderu Karudeasu?) - Completed in 1990 A.D. Utilizing the soul of the World as a foundation and basis, the system manifests in miniature a perfectly accurate replica of the planetary body of Earth -- permitting a representation of the World's status both in past and future eras. However, detailed observation of specific time-space locales is impossible without the assistance of SHIVA.[3]
  • Near-Future Observation Lens "SHIVA" (近未来観測レンズ・シバ, Kin Mirai Kansoku Renzu Shiba?) - Completed in 1999 A.D. by Lev Lainur, SHIVA is a mechanism designed to permit the detailed observation of information represented within CHALDEAS' planetary projection -- similar in concept to an environmental observation satellite placed in Earth orbit. In lieu of a closed-circuit camera system, SHIVA also serves as an integral component to Chaldeas' security, outputting to monitors any occurrences within the research facility's environs in real-time. The system, however, is ultimately accurate only for the observation of the Common Era; for eras further in the past, accuracy rapidly declines, and mana and electricity demands climb to unmanageable levels.[4] As of the collapse of the Common Sense of Man (人理, jinri?, lit. "Human Principle"), the future formerly observed by SHIVA vanished, and there appeared an "unobservable locale" -- the Fuyuki City of 2004 A.D, also known as Singularity F.
  • Guardian Hero Summoning System "FATE" (守護英霊召喚システム・フェイト, Shugo Eirei Shōkan Shisutemu Feito?) - Completed in 2004 A.D., it allows for members of Chaldea who are considered "provisional Masters" to summon Heroic Spirits as Servants. A system patterned after the Heroic Spirit summoning ritual utilized in the Grail Wars of Fuyuki City, which enacts summoning per agreement of purpose between Master and Servant. Utilizing FATE, three Servants were successfully summoned: the 1st is unknown; the 2nd is the 'Shielder' that later fused with Mashu Kyrielight; the 3rd is the head of the Technology Development Division, Leonardo da Vinci. Information pertaining to the first two Servants has been designated as classified on the orders of the former head of Chaldea, to the extent that Olga Marie Animusphere was unable to obtain information on the identity of the 1st Servant. It was only with the assistance of the 2nd Servant 'Shielder' that the foundation of the summoning system was functionally verified. Subsequent to Mashu Kyrielight's infusion as a Demi-Servant, the Cross-Shaped Shield she obtained as a Noble Phantasm was used as catalyst for the establishment of a summoning circle.[5]
  • Spiritron Calculation Engine "TRISMEGISTUS" (霊子演算装置・トリスメギリトス, Reiji Enzan Sōchi Torisumegiritosu?) - Completed in 2015 A.D. A pseudo-spiritron (擬似霊子, gishi-reishi?, lit. pseudo-spiritual particle) quantum computing mainframe that serves as oversight in the implementation of Rayshift, and assists alongside LAPLACE in the real-time analysis of phenomenon observed via SHIVA. The central psuedo-spiritron calculation engine was provided by Atlas Academy to the former head of Chaldea as a matter of assistance in the realization of the Evocation・Invocation System (召喚・喚起システム, Shoukan・Kanki Shisutemu?) that serves as the core of the Rayshift technology.[6] As of 2016, the original of the TRISMEGISTUS -- a computer system known as TRI-HERMES -- is situated in Atlas Academy. Incidentally, in the Camelot Arc of Fate/Grand Order, Sherlock Holmes notes that spiritrons (霊子, reishi?) are the quantum particles that form the substance of the soul.[7]
  • Quest for the Holy Grail "Grand Order" (聖杯探索 グランドオーダー, Seihai Tansaku Gurando Ōdā?) - Incomplete as of 2015 A.D. Utilizing Rayshift, the souls of selected subjects are projected into the past, forming spiritron avatars with the capacity to interfere with historical events. By the efforts of time-travelling agents, anomalous temporal singularities may be eliminated. The 'Grand Order' is a "name for those who would rise up against human history for the sake of humanity, and combat fate itself."

Known membersEdit

Olga Marie Animusphere (Leader)
Romani Archaman (Doctor)
Lev Lainur Flauros (Researcher)
Protagonist (Provisional Master)


  1. 事象記録電脳魔・ラプラス: 1950年に完成した全知の悪魔の名を冠する、カルデアの発明の一つ。レイシフトの転移に於いて、マスターを保護する役割を持つ。
  3. 地球環境モデル・カルデアス: 1990年に完成したカルデアの発明の一つ。惑星には魂があるとの定義に基き、その魂を複写する事により作り出された小型の擬似天体。小さな地球のコピーである。星の状態を過去や未来に設定する事が出来、現実の地球の様々な時代を正確に再現可能だが、シバを使わなければ観測できない。
  4. 近未来観測レンズ・シバ: 1999年に完成したカルデアの発明の一つ。カルデアスを観測するための専用望遠鏡。人理保障機関カルデアの顧問を務める魔術師である、レフ・ライノールが開発した。 カルデアスを取り囲むように配置されており、いわば地球観測衛星のようなもの。カルデア内のほぼ全域を監視し、写し出すモニターとしても機能している。観測できるのは西暦までで、紀元前以上に遡ると精度が落ち、必要な魔力と電力も膨大なものとなる
  5. 守護英霊召喚システム・フェイト: 2004年に完成したカルデアの発明の一つ。冬木の聖杯戦争での英霊召喚を元に作られた。英霊とマスター双方の合意があって初めて召喚出来る。カルデアはこれを用いて三騎のサーヴァントの召喚に成功している。第一号は詳細不明、第二号は後にマシュと融合した「シールダー」、第三号は技術開発部部長として常駐してたダ・ヴィンチ。第三号を除くサーヴァントは機密事項となっており、第一号に至っては先代所長がひた隠しにしている為か現所長のオルガマリーすらも知らなかった。このシステムの基礎は第二号である「シールダー」の協力によってようやく実証にこぎつけたとのこと。マシュがデミ・サーヴァントとなってからは彼女の宝具である十字の大盾を触媒に用いて召喚サークルの設置を行う。
  6. 霊子演算装置・トリスメギストス: 2015年に完成したカルデアの発明の一つ。未来観測やレイシフトを管制するコンピューター。ラプラスと併せてカルデアスの事象分析やレイシフトの実行に用いられる。前所長が構築したレイシフトの中枢を担う召喚・喚起システムを実現するためにアトラス院が提供した擬似霊子演算器。

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