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“I’ll give you a treat…”
“All powers belong to me… the crown of total domination… the hard steel of oppression… and the terror that shakes the hearts of men! "Chariot My Love"!”


Chariot My Love: My Dear Iron Chariot (愛しき私の鉄戦車チャリオット・マイ・ラブ, Itoshiki Watashi no Tetsu SenshaChariotto Mai Rabu?) is the Noble Phantasm of Medb. A charging attack in a chariot that is Medb's power as a queen given form. AOE attack. This chariot represents the royal authority of a lord, the iron that tortures people, and the fear that makes them shake, and uses the two bulls of the Táin Bó Cúailnge.

It is especially effective against males, and is difficult for any man to deflect Medb as she charges at them. In Fate GO it has been re-adjusted from being an anti-army noble phantasm to becoming an anti-person NP. No male who has been captured by Medb's chariot can escape it. The inside is a Reality Marble, and a nest of love that will not let them free until the deed is over.

The two bulls are capable of flight.


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