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“Just leave it to your big sis ♪"
"I will protect!"
"Chariot of Boudica!”


Chariot of Boudica: Chariot Without Promised Protection (約束されざる守護の車輪チャリオット・オブ・ブディカ, Yakusokusarezaru Shugo no SharinChariotto obu Budika?) is the Noble Phantasm of Boudica. The original chariot was headed by two famous horses. It represents Britannia, and as Britannia is a symbol of patronage, it boasts high durability.[1]

Activation of this Noble Phantasm summons forth the chariot to protect Boudica and her allies. Being blessed with protection by the Celtic gods, this chariot has flight capability, but it is not powerful when rammed into enemies. Its proper use should be as a "shield" to protect companions.[1]

The way Boudica drives the chariot can still be seen in modern times as a bronze statue in London, on the Thames roadside in the Westminster area.[1]


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