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Chikagi Katsuragi (桂木千鍵, Katsuragi Chikagi?) is an original character created for the Type-Moon mobile site.



Chikagi's family consists of her father, mother, and older sister.


Carnival PhantasmEdit

Chikagi cameos in the 12th episode helping at Ahnenerbe, and is seen at the party at the end. The 2013 Hibichika Special of Carnival Phantasm has a large majority of the episode revolving around Chikagi and her partner, Hibiki Hibino during another one of their workdays at Ahnenerbe. She acts rather hostile to the people around her, except Hibiki. Cellphone-san teases her over various subjects, notably the moments when she does not act hostile, to which she promptly breaks him.


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