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Child of the Sun (日輪にちりん, Nichirin no ko?) is an ability that reflects Toyotomi Hideyoshi's growth from being a minor, no-name farmer into the most important person in Japan, then deteriorates him into a useless old man. He is initially a weak Servant whose statistics equal "STR: E, END: E, AGI: D, MAN: E, LUK: C, NP: E", and his abilities raise every day for a week from when he is summoned, eventually culminating in parameters of "STR: A, END: A, AGI: A+, MAN: A, LUK: EX, NP: EX" in the state called Tenkabito Hideyoshi (天下人ヒデヨシ, ?). He transforms into his older state the next day and his parameters deteriorate daily over the next week.[1]


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