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Noble Phantasm
Christine, Christine
Japanese name: クリスティーヌ・クリスティーヌ
Title: Surely My Love Song Shall Resound Even Through Hell
Japanese title: 地獄にこそ響け我が愛の唄
Transliteration: Jigoku ni Koso Hibike Waga Ai no Uta
Owner: Assassin
Type: Anti-Army[1]
Rank: B[1]
B+ (F/GO rank-up)[1]
Range: 1~50
Maximum number of targets: 200 people

English | Japanese

“Let us sing together."
"Sing... Sing, my angel, Christine, Christine!”


Christine Christine: Surely My Love Song Shall Resound Even Through Hell (地獄にこそ響け我が愛の唄クリスティーヌ・クリスティーヌ, Jigoku ni Koso Hibike Waga Ai no UtaKurisutīnu Kurisutīnu?) is the Noble Phantasm of Phantom of the Opera. It is a gigantic musical instrument much like a pipe-organ, produced by combining the corpses of his past victims. Maybe the sinful deed that Ryuunosuke Uryuu attempted through trial and error had already been completed in the 19th Century -- or maybe, the image of a cruel, mysterious person was sublimated into the Noble Phantasm in the present world.[1]

By matching it with the singing voice that his own grotesque vocal organs possesses, this Noble Phantasm scatters an invisible magical damage to the surroundings. Phantom, who is the performer himself, is not damaged by the attack. Because it is not an attack based on sound but rather based on a radiation of magical energy, it can be blocked by defensive magic and abilities. Equipped armors also works effectively.[1][2]


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