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Noble Phantasm
Christine, Christine
Japanese name: クリスティーヌ・クリスティーヌ
Title: Surely My Love Song Shall Resound Even Through Hell
Japanese title: 地獄にこそ響け我が愛の唄
Transliteration: Jigoku ni Koso Hibike Waga Ai no Uta
Owner: Assassin
Type: Anti-Army[1]
Rank: B+ (F/GO rank-up)[1]
Range: 1~50
Maximum number of targets: 200 people

Christine Christine: Surely My Love Song Shall Resound Even Through Hell (地獄にこそ響け我が愛の唄クリスティーヌ・クリスティーヌ, Jigoku ni Koso Hibike Waga Ai no UtaKurisutīnu Kurisutīnu?) is the Noble Phantasm of Phantom of the Opera. It is a gigantic musical instrument much like a pipe-organ, produced by combining the corpses of his past victims. Maybe the sinful deed that Ryuunosuke Uryuu attempted through trial and error had already been completed in the 19th Century-- or maybe the image of a cruel, mysterious person was sublimated into a Noble Phantasm.[1]

By matching it with the singing voice that his own grotesque vocal organs possess, this Noble Phantasm scatters an invisible magical damage.[1]


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