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“Can you keep up with me? Chronos Rose.”


Chronos Rose: Pick Ye Rosebuds While Ye May (時のある間に薔薇を摘めクロノス・ローズ, Toki no Aru Aida ni Bara wo TsumeKuronosu Rōzu?) is the Innate Time Control ability of Kiritsugu Emiya sublimated as the Noble Phantasm of the Counter Guardian EMIYA. Based upon his personal variation of Time Manipulation that he possessed in life, it allows him to control his inner flow of time, utilizing high-speed attacks and maneuvers by accelerating the flow of time and concealing himself by slowing time to stagnate his biorhythms. With it possessing power as a Noble Phantasm, he is able to utilize extreme consecutive attacks to the point where he can be described as being invincible in anti-personnel combat.[1]


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