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“"Well then, may I?"
"Things that are precious, I want to glitter, with all my heart!"
"Crystal Dress!"
"I love you all!”


Crystal Dress: Precious Brilliance Everlasting (愛すべき輝きは永遠にクリスタル・ドレス, Ai Subeki Kagayaki wa Eien niKurisutaru Doresu?) is the Noble Phantasm of Marie Antoinette. An illusion that must have existed for sure in the ages of old --- covering her body with the brilliance of royal authority itself as a Noble Phantasm. Take a look at Marie's brilliance, who made a serious effort as a flower of the beach and as a flower of the sun. Super twinkle-twinkle, twinkle-twinkle, brilliant, glitter![1]

For some reason, the second part of its name is identical to the Crystal Palace Noble Phantasm.


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