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“Slaughter. Without exception."
"Liberate all curses. Without moderation. Be prepared to challenge despair..."
"Curruid Coinchenn!”

Berserker Alter

Curruid Coinchenn: Beast of Crunching Deathtusk (噛み砕く死牙の獣クリード・コインヘン, Kamikudaku Shiga no JūKurīdo Koinhen?) is a Noble Phantasm possessed by Cú Chulainn Alter. Cú Chulainn's wrath summons forth the skeleton of the sea monster Curruid, whose ribs were used to craft Gáe Bolg, and wears it as armor.[1]

The armor is offensive in nature, raising his Strength to EX Rank, ranking up his Endurance, but prohibiting the use of his Gáe Bolg.[1]


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