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Written work
If one unties a pillow by its string
be known far and wide, Daitouren
Many clouds shall rise and cover the skies like roof tiles
and evil spirits shall swarm, spearing the sparrow
Sword of Transcendent Wisdom and Knowledge Daishintou,
Love Blast,
Heavenly Demon Rain!!!

Saber, Fate/Extra CCC Fox Tail

Sword of Transcendent Wisdom and Knowledge Daishintou, Love Blast, Heavenly Demon Rain (文殊智剣大神通恋愛発破天鬼雨もんじゅちけんだいしんとう れんあいはっぱてんきあめ, Monju Chi-ken Daishintō Ren'ai Happa Tenkiame?), also abbreviated as Heavenly Demon Rain (天鬼雨てんきあめ, Tenkiame?), is the "first sword Noble Phantasm" of Suzuka Gozen, activated with the floating golden sword with two tassels, Daitsuuren. Along with Shoutouren, It is a blade of wisdom that belongs to Manjushri.[1]

Utilizing her beloved sword, Daitsuuren, and a small charm with the same tassels pulled from her bag, Suzuka begins a chant as they both float into the air.[1] Upon finishing the chant, the single golden sword divides up to a maximum of 250 blades, and with her Supernatural Power, she makes them mercilessly fall like rain onto her opponents.[1][2] During her lifetime, it is said that she planned to rain 500 blades as a collaboration technique with Sohayamaru, a married sword of Daitsuuren's that was in her husband's possession. Now, she regards Sohayamaru's ornate hairpain that is attached to Daitsuuren as something filled with memories of her time with her husband, and she invokes the Heavenly Demon Rain by touching Daitsuuren of which it floats midair. The accuracy of the shooting is considerably rough, but it is possible to perform detailed operations such as "shaking off opponents just around herself and her surroundings in order to avoid danger" and such at the time of invoking "Blessing of Wisdom".[2]


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