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Noble Phantasm
Dangerous Game


Dangerous Game FGO

Japanese name: デンジャラス・ゲーム
Title: The Secret Game of Sin
Japanese title: 密やかなる罪の遊戯
Transliteration: Hisoyakanaru Tsumi no Yūgi
Owner: Berserker
Type: Anti-Unit[1]
Rank: C[1]
C+ (F/GO rank-up)
Maximum number of targets: 1 person

Dangerous Game: The Secret Game of Sin (密やかなる罪の遊戯デンジャラス・ゲーム, Hisoyakanaru Tsumi no YūgiDenjarasu Gēmu?) is the elixir of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that allows for Jekyll to become Hyde, the second personality inside his body that claimed so many victims in his life. Upon drinking it, his form changes, becoming covered in black fur, his spine cracking, his muscles expanding and growing long canines and sharp claws and his eyes becoming blood red, making him somewhat similar in appearance to a werewolf. In this form, his stamina greatly increases, as well as his strength and speed. He gains several skills that make him suitable for close quarters combat, most noticeably, a skill that he calls "Restructuring", which grants him a high enough recovery ability, so that he is confident that he can recover even from being hit by a Noble Phantasm.

Under the Assassin class, drinking the potion allows for Jekyll to turn into Berserker Hyde, but Hyde retains a humanoid form and more reason than their normal Berserker counterpart. In the case of Hyde, he acquires close-combat power comparable to the Three Knight Classes.[1]


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