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Demon God

The seventy-two Demon Gods (魔神, Majin?) of Solomon are his familiars. There is an art for employing demons among the knowledge that King Solomon left behind, but said manuscript would later be named Lemegeton or Goetia.[1]

Known Demon GodsEdit


Demon God Barbatos (魔神バルバトス, Majin Barubatosu?) is incarnated through Makiri Zouken in London.


Demon God Flauros (魔神フラウロス, Majin Furaurosu?) is incarnated through Lev Reinol Flauros in Rome.


Demon God Forneus (魔神フォルネウス, Majin Foruneusu?) is incarnated through Jason in Okeanos.


Demon God Halphas (魔神ハルファス, Majin Harufasu?) is incarnated through Cú Chulainn Alter in America.



The Great God Amun-Ra (大神アモン・ラー, ?) is the form Ramesses II takes in the Camelot Order. Utilizing the Demon God Aamon, Ramesses is able to attach the name "Amun-Ra" to the Demon God to transform it into a full Divine Spirit temporarily.

Clan CalatinEdit

Main article: Clan Calatin

Medb uses Clan Calatin to manifest a composite being made up of twenty-eight Demon Gods.


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