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Divine Constructs (神造兵装/神造兵器, Shinzō Heisō/Shinzō Heiki?, lit. "God-made armaments/God-made weapons") are artifacts created by Divine Spirits and the planet that surpass human limits, often Noble Phantasms.[1] Such artifacts are unable to be replicated through Projection or the Reality Marble Unlimited Blade Works, unlike many other Noble Phantasms.[2] The only known exception is within the Moon Cell's environment, allowing for a degraded Excalibur, Excalibur Image, to be projected.[3] The world of Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA has the same rule, but Illya uses an "advanced exploit" to replicate Excalibur with Projection, Kuro reproduces a much lesser version of Excalibur, and Shirou replicates Ig-Alima, although it is a hollow knockoff.[4][5] They possess the same properties as divine Servants, allowing them to bypass Achilles's immortality in the same manner as demi-gods.[6]

There is an another classification, of which Excalibur is part of, called the "ultimate Divine Constructs", Last Phantasm: The Strongest Illusion (最強の幻想ラスト·ファンタズム, Saikyō no GensōRasuto Fantazumu?).[7]

Known Divine ConstructsEdit


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